Hot coat...why?

On an epoxy board is a hot coat or filler really necessary? Not that I’d ever leave one with just the lam, but couldn’t it technically be like a phaser bottom and than a little extra grip for the deck. Just thought I’d throw out the dumb question of the day!

Without a Hot Coat you’ll be sanding fiberglass.

Seriously compromising the strength.

Texture decks are nice.

No sanding though.

to the op have you ever tryed to clean dirty wax off a textured deck? Its not a happy time. The hot/fill coat also fills pinholes in your lam.

Like Barry said, textured decks are cool but with a single layer of cloth on the bottom and fin boxes to sand, it’s not really likely to do the whole board that way. Not a dumb question though, at least you’re thinking of different stuff right?

I remember guys adding a layer of glass on the top to get that textured finish in the late 60’s early 70’s when we only had that crappy white parafin wax, but it was after they did the normal lams and hot coat.

I think it depends on the foam…

With XPS, sure, why not. I plan to try it on my next XPS board

EPS, absolutely not. 2 hotcoats are actually recomended by a lot of folks on sways.

PU, who uses that stuff?