Hot New Shaper on the Scene!

This just in from the desk of theboys:

On Sunday, August 13, at 5:45 am, I had the pleasure of meeting Ava Marie Broadwell, undoubtedly the greatest female surfer-shaper of her generation.

Small but powerful, Ava checked in at 6.3 lbs and 19.5 inches (cool bigger guy shortboard dims actually). Mercifully, she seems to favor her mother.

She has already thrown several shakas (prompted at this point of course) and made a gurgling sound of unmistakable satisfaction when I used the word ‘swallow tail.’

She has intimated that I go ahead and call dibbs on the username ‘thegirls’ as she is unable to use a keyboard at this time and fears that she may be prejudiced pending literacy and fine motor development. Personally, I would ask that all you bros out in Swayland, should you meet her, treat her in a fashion befitting the gentlemen that I trust you are-both in and out of the water. Remember, she is a legacy Swaylocker. As I believe my prior posts have made abundantly obvious, I am not quite sane and I fear for her later suitors.



Good news and congrats!

Ive told my fiancee that my tomcatting days will curse me with 5 girls. I really do feel for anyone they bring home… but what must be done, must be done…