Hotline "Ultra Hot Combo" review?

Does anybody have any info on the wetsuit linked above?
I have the opportunity to get a used one for cheap.


Also how do Hotline suits fit?

I’m 6’2 195lbs.

Their sizing charts would put me at LT but the suit is an XL so I’m wondering if the fit would be okay.

Mine is two years old, 300 plus sessions and still going strong.


US made, good stuff.



Is it flexible? Paddle well?


Any sizing issues? Would a guy my size fit in an XL?

You might find a bit of extra length in the legs at those sizes. There is room in mine for paddling, not too snug with a rash guard, good fit as long as you have weight in all of the right places.

I use mine in some cold weather and water, last year ws 26 on the beach and 46 in the the water and I was cozy without gloves.

My other suit is a Hotline Firefly and its almost as good, a bit more stretch but it lets more water in.

I have a total of 6 UHC’s and 4 Firefly’s, all American made. I buy them used and I am stocking up as Hotline is sending some production overseas and you know what that means…

I do not know your size or what size suit you buying, but the sizing chart says that the XL should fit people at 5’11 to 6’3 and 200-230 lbs.


I’m just shy of 200 pounds so the fact that XL’s should fit people at 230 concerns me that it will end up being too loose on me. I have broad shoulders and a 34" waist if that helps you give me any more info on their sizing.

I think it would be a touch loose around the middle then, not exactly bad as the UHC’s stay pretty dry inside unless you take a big hit. I rarely get water in mine and never if the hood is up.

Can you try it on first?


I am 5’10", 175lbs and wear a L and a L/S from them, they both fit but one has a bit more room around the middle.


If you cannot try it on, send them an email and ask for help. I’ve got a suit from them on the way, they were very helpful. Also if it doesn’t fit you, you can always send it back.

Yep, Hotline is really good about warranties and exchanges, IMO, better than all the rest.