Hotwiring Airex

Anyone know what happens if you cut Airex with a hotwire?

Fumes? Unconciousness and death? or just a pesky little ozone hole

Or is it sweet sweet buttery lovemaking :slight_smile:

Can’t find any google answers

Airex is flexible PVC, poly vinyl chloride. The chemical name might broaden the search.

Cheers for the reply

Yeah i’ve had a reasonable dig around, and can’t find any Airex specific info

Sounds like PVC gives off some dioxins, but not too bad

But Airex is probably a bit of a cocktail

I’ll try the distributors, but the are usually clueless as to chemical composition

I can’t figure out who actually manufactures the stuff?

i have some at my workshop… i will try it for you in the morning and see what it smells like…


I can’t figure out who actually manufactures the stuff?

Unless you have a death wish, DO NOT hw airex.

Just ask GreatWhiteNorth.

poly vinyl chloride is highly toxic and deadly in concentrated doses. Wouldn’t want to be even down the street from someone hot wireing that stuff.

PLEASE don’t stick you’re nose in that stuff!

I’m not that desperate to know, not worth it! Nice offer though, thats the giving attidute!

I’ll get onto the manufacturer and get the real goss, thanks for the input guys

Hard to say with certainty what it would give off. All polymers will give off nasty stuff during combustion but what it is and how much have lots of variables like temperature. A manufacturer would probably not be much help as they are not required to determine combustion products from their materials. Hot wiring is also not technically combustion since there is no oxidation reaction going on, so even harder to now what it’s puting off. At a minimum I would wear a half mask respirator with an combination HEPA/organic cartridge and ventialte your space as well as possible. Make sure you look where your exhausted air is going, you don’t want it goin into you fresh air intake.




kit; don’t do it!

search for the thickness you need and use it. If you can’t find it, find an alternative in the dims you need. Trust me; pvc, be it linear (airex) or x-linked (d-cell) doesn’t like to be heated. anticipate exposure to HCl, formaldehyde, vaporized pvc among other compounds that will have been used as plasticizers in the manufacture.

same goes for corecell; styrene-acrylonitrile co-polymer…probably even worse than the pvc foams; guaranteed to emit hydrogen cyanide with heat. yikes.

Thanks guys

Yeah i’ll then that idea drop. would have been handy though

you don’t have to hotwire to achieve a hotwire result.

look around for a “saw” blade made of a thin wire coated with abrasive. Might have been called “rod saw” at one point, or some other name. Or just use a rusty bit of wire and templates on either side just like a hotwire would for rocker cuts.