How can we get a grip on this?

By forcing our governments to commit to developing renewable energy resources. Here in the States, our government is dominated by a party that believes our only energy options are fossil fuels and nuclear - period. The USA consumes more oil than any other continent. We (americans) should be insisting that our elected representatives be making steps now to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels so that in 20 years, we get at least 50% of our domestic and transportation fuel from renewable resources. We have the brain power and ingenuity - just not the balls to do it. It’s hard to promote this kind of thing when your family and your buddies in the house of Saud have become obnoxiously wealthy because of fossil fuel consumption. And don’t even try to rationalize current nuclear technology as an option - it is moronic to generate waste that is deadly to all forms of life as we know it with no way to get rid of it. Anyway, if the USA can cut curb it’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels, that will help dramatically. Then we need to get the renwable energy technologies into developing countries so that they don’t have to gorge on oil and nuclear fuel energy sources as well. And whatever your views, get off your ass, take advantage of your liberties, and vote! California had about 50% turnout in the last election - maybe the bastards behind the tragedy of 9/11 were right - Americans are just a bunch of pussies… I for one, will not wimp out and my vote does count.