How do I apply gloss?

I’ve repaired a couple of large areas of my one of my boards. It’s time for me to gloss it. What do I do?

I’ve got the gloss. I’ve got a good brush. I know how to adjust the gel time.

How do I handle glossing both sides? Do I mask a drip line while on the first side? If so, when I flip do I mask to exactly the same tape line, or overlap the gloss at the tape line?

After the gloss is on and hardened, what’s the sanding and polishing procedure?

220? 320? 400? Wet sand? Polishing compound? Drill mounted buffing pad? What?

Any help will be appreciated.

I’m ready for my first gloss and would love to see the feedback on this.

Tons of info on this in the archives…search away!