How do I make or where can I get Gloss Resin??

Hi, Apologies if this is a stupid question.

I have only ever made boards to hot coat and finished them at that. I've been asked by a friend to make a board for em and I'd like to be able to give it a nice gloss finish but I have no idea how to mix a gloss resin!!


I source my materials from seabase in the UK (

I've read on previous threads about buying a premixed glossing resin, but that doesn't seem to be an option. So what is the difference between a hot coat resin and a gloss resin???

I have also never done any artwork on my boards. Would using poska's on top of the hot coat work and then glossing or should I go about it another way???


Thanks in advance



poly, or epoxy? I am lushed out at the moment, so I feel like responding, cuz sometimes yer question goes to page 2 and nobody bothers… My apologies. I am a pawn on this site. But I hope the kings and queens would agree: (I don’t know anything about premixed glossing resin). All I know is the filler coat/ hot coat is meant for fairing/sanding and can be easier to do so with with sanding additives. I honestly don’t know what it is about gloss resin that defines its’ characteristics. I think people use lam resin for gloss coats if they are good at it, because there is less work to do…again, I feel like a drunkybum stumbling onto broadway but yeah that would work poscas or acrylic paint on the hot coat, allotta the wizards on here would tell you to write or paint on the foam, though. Why they wouldn’t have gloss resin where you are, not worth my time to wonder. If that is the case there are lotta places, screwit I feel like endorsing a couple: Surf Source in Florida, and Greenlight in PA . Buy US products. Report back to US at 0500. over and out.

…I tell ya what fella, gloss resin is a “rara avis” in the world except for USA

also, there re 3, 4 more countries that have gloss resin, but USA gloss resin…


with gloss resin and fine workshop place the polish and lustre will be easier than with the other resin

easier to achieve a better finish

gloss resin have better flow, is harder (good to polish) and have a better flatten agent.


go to a thread that is only dedicated to GLOSS

large one, but try to find it

then you ll find almost all about the technique, tools, etc

also opinions by hobbyists and people that earn a live with this labor, like me

If you purchase your materials from Seabase UK, I’m surprised that they didn’t tell you about “Taupo Gloss”. This is their gloss resin and it’s what I use, together with numerous other european shapers and glassers.

Thank you all for your responses...will check out seabase again..