How do you make wooden fins that are removable

My brother in law makes really cool wooden surfboard fenders for bicycles, so I asked him if he could make me a single fin for my longboard. He agreed but needed the dimensions. I want to glass the wood and make it look old school, but I want it to be removable like todays fins and still be strong. I want it to fit my 10 1/2 box.

Thank you in advance



I STRONGLY recommend that you contact FINS UNLIMITED, and tell them your requirements. It will save you a lot of brain damage. As a bonus, their wood fins, for the 10 1/2 inch box, are OUTSTANDING!

Thanks Bill

I have enough brain damage as it is


I am making an agave fin.

  1. I laminated the foiled fin (had to do a bunch of layers because it is very soft wood).

  2. I made a fiberglass panel of 20 layers of 6 oz.

  3. I cut out the shape of a fin box base.

  4. I glued the fin base to the fin with resin.

  5. I laminated 5 layers of 6 oz on each side of the entire fin/fin-base construct. To make it strong.

  6. I laminated 4 more layers of 6 oz. over just the base on each side.

  7. I laminated 1 more layer of 6 oz over each side of the entire fin/fin-base construct.

Next I will hotcoat the fin, install the horizontal rivet, drill the screw hole, and gloss the fin.

We will see how strong it will turn out. Feels pretty dam strong right now. I don’t see the base breaking off.

Next time I will make the initial base thicker, more like 26 layers of 6 oz.

Thanks Obproud

Any photos of that fin and what did you use to cut the base to get the shape


I’ll take some pics.

I used a jig saw and a carbide blade from Greenlight.

Scroll about halfway down, and you’ll see in photos how I made mine. This is not an original idea, I found the technology in the Swaylock’s archives.


Awesome job ! Thanks for the visuals, love the base jig

Thanks Tom