How exactly is this done????

Just trying to figure when in the pcoess this is done and how? I am figuring it is a black lam resin with yellow resin dripped in. Maybe it was put on top of the lam itself then stood up on its tail?? Any other ideas…Maybe knows exactly how its done?

Sorry forgot to add this pic.

Klein, That looks like a Moonlight Glassing board. The design in the middle is done on the foam with a fine airbrush. Some of the lines are VERY fine and some are wider. Lot’s of work, but looks great. Doug

thirty years of experience

looks like a resin/paint, pour/smear to me. but i guess if you are good with an airbrush it could look like a pour. Austin

looks like a yellow base lam with some red,green,and black swirled in to me. Mix up a batch of yellow, then smaller cups of each of the other colors, you have to add catalyst to each cup. Pour the smaller cups into the big one, swirl with a stick once maybe twice and pour out and lam as usual.

A bit like Ed said, mask off, mix seperately, pour on how you like, but only sweegee in one direction carefully, watch out for all the mix on the sweegee, the more you mix the browner it will get, let cure, laminate as usual. Can be done with paint. We used to call them ‘spew boards’, for good reason.

count my vote as a squeegee off to the tail yep thats my vote what do you say Dr. Watson?..ambrose…of Scotland Yard

Hey Austin, go down to 17th st. at the beach and they had a couple that were airbrushed to look like resin smear jobs. Looked pretty good.

First color to hit the foam wins! Krokus

Thats not airbrush its a resin tint, Ive seen that particular board discussed before.

looks like it was done as a foam stain before lamination.

dave p i went down to 17th street to check it out. are you talking about hte blue, green and white longboard? if so that was a resin tint. you can see the glass weave in the white sections. have we ever met before?

My guess is that its a resin tint deck inlay.If you do it on the foam you don’t get the depth of color like you do using glass.This depth of color is what makes resin abstracts and tints polish out so nicely.Art on the foam tends to look flatter and you don’t get the light refraction.

no, but i did see that longboard. I was taking about some of the shortboards they have. It’s either an airbrush job or a paint smear on the foam. I don’t think we’ve met, but I shape and do ding repair out of va. beach too.