How I Shape Swallow Tails.....

Very helpful indeed. I know I benefited from it and I turn down Swallowtails and deep butt crack Fish every time I get a chance. Up here there are a couple of guys that go giddy when someone comes to them with a Fish order. So I usually turn 'em down and send a potential customer down the road. I should charge a finders fee. Thanks. I’m sure lots of people benefited from your thread. Lowel

Chris, thanks so much for posting this, excellent step-by-step guide. My first attempt at this was a bit of a bodge. If it’s not too late, if detailed pics of how this is glassed could also be added, how the cloth is folded over etc. that would be superb! Cheers :slight_smile:

Hopefully somebody can chime in with detailed pics of how-to glass a swallow tail… I don’t yet have a process that I am confident in… I just kinda stumble my way through it…

Found this:

This may be of some help.

Nice work ChrisP fwiw that’s pretty close to how this backyard hack does them.

I didn’t see it pointed out, so I’ll mention what I think is an important point in the process ---- do it last. Don’t cut the swallow until you’re pretty much done shaping the board.

Right on Bud!
And yes, I agree, do it LAST!
It’s the last thing I do before glassing

Also, mark the fins before cutting the swallow tail. Easier to have that endpoint of the stringer at the tail block intact to measure from.