How much hotcoat resin and catalyst for a 9'8"?

Ready to hotcoat a board or two, but I forget how much hotcoat resin I should use for one side and how hot it should be kicked…thanks.

shoot it at two percent…a quart should do a side, depending on the weight of cloth you use…if its heavy glass you can squeegee coat it to fill the weave first so theres enough to sand off. if its 4oz like i think i remember you said you were using, a quart will be more than enough :slight_smile:

About 10 gallons of resibn and 32ozs of cactlyst…

…Naw , not reely…

A quart a side is enough…15CC of catalyst per as well.Herb

…quart per side is overkill…

and I put 3 x 4oz onto deck…

the Mkep depends on the weather

Re… it’s hotcoating 6oz.Which you know sucks more resin.

I could get away w/ less than a pint per,but if he’s not experienced.A quart is much better…or …it’s better to have too much than not enough.

As far as the MEKP…15CC PER QT. will cover a wider range of temps,altitudes,humidites…than any other formula.

Trust me after 35 years…I got it down ,ming !

Thanks. I didn’t see these replies until just now, but we mixed up a quart of hotcoat and kicked it with 18cc and it went perfect…

ok Herb, 35 years is more than my 20 years doing boards…

and yes you re right about too much is better than not enough

but the other day I did a 10 2 x 23

I only work with 4oz

for me is better 3x 4oz than 2 x 6oz

and 2 x 4 oz in the biggers

so I never used so much resin

with 500 ml per side you cover the 9 ers and 10 ers

so with 6 oz you dont need to double the quantity


yes cover a wide range

but some resins (not all the people or in other Countries use the same BRAND…)

I used Reichhold, reichhold-Resana, Erequeiroz, Silmar, no brands…

I did and do Hcoats with SUPER low temperatures and with high temp

my last Hcoat was yesterday with 10 Cº, 80 % Humidity

very low temp

240cc of resin with 35cc peroxide…

so im not a nubile here too

cheers man


The last hottie I did was on a 6-6 x 20. I shot it with about 12ozs of hotcoat/Sylmar 250 in 99 degree/30% humidity.I also added 10cc of extra surfacing agent and 10cc of styreeeeeene(stop that !).

I cactylized it w/ 4ccs MEKP and 4ccs of suncure power…The rez gelled in about 5min…Stepped out side… bang…same for the other side…Hardly sanded the thing…took about 12-15 minutes to sand the entire board to 320 grit…just like taking candy from a baby !!!

You have a great day,buddy !..Herb


so with 6 oz you dont need to double the quantity.

Yeah,but I like my boots to stick to the floor , and listen to the resin raining like a waterfall…lol.