how to tell if water is getting in repair?

I’ve had to make a repair at an unusual spot near the end of a swallowtail. It looks solid but the board feels a bit heavier. Is there anything like an infared humidity detector or whatever home inspectors use to find out if water is seeping in?

You should be able to see just about any crack or pinhole that would let water seep in. But, if in doubt (or if that small): throw some resin over it and seal for insurance.

How big of a repair is it? I can’t imagine feeling much weight difference on an average repair.

“Unusual spot near the end of a swallowtail” also has me curious? Did you mean usual spot = meaning their tips?

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have you sucked out the water in the foam? are you quite sure you didn´t fix a foam full of water?

it got water in it awhile ago I don’t check after every surf but eventually I saw a brown spot let it dry for 3 days and repaired it. At this point I don’t know if there is a sure way to find out except surf it and then leave it in the sun and see if water wants out.

Use a hairdryer on the area (careful, not too hot) and squeeze/push on seams or cracks. If you don’t see any water and you still feel insecure, grind out the repair, dry the foam and redo it. Did you use rinse it out first and use cloth over the filler? Most of the time heavy or soft areas tend to be repairs that are leaking rather than sealed up water in the foam.