Hunt Customs

I was interested in some feedback on some of Greggs boards. I have never ridden one but I wanted to know from some of you who have, how they ride?

they ride insanse, top quality stuff

I’m trying to get an idea of some different longboards. Being that I live on the east coast theres alot of boards that shops dont carry. Do you have one of Gregg’s boards?

Top notch boards from a top notch guy. Talk to the man.

Thanks guys I already e-mailed Gregg and heard back from him. I juust wanted to get some feedback from some people who might have ridden his boards since I only have seen them online.

Thanks again

yea I have some of his boards, they ride really well. noserides

Howzit surfore, Greg and his wife were on Kauai a couple of years ago and stopped by for a chat. He had his board with him and it was a beauty. He and his wife are two wonderful people and very enjoyable to talk to and his wife even gave me some home made preserves she had made. He is very knowledgable when it comes to shaping boards and he's also a very competant craftsman. It's seems that classic boards are in vogue on the mainland and he has captured the essence of them. I'd say you can't go wrong with one of his boards and any body interested in classics should definitally talk to him about a board. Aloha,Ko

I’m with you completely Kokua,

Good Surfin’, Rich

Anyone have any idea where Hunt Customs is shaping from nowadays. His old website seems to be down. Cant find any info online either. I havent seen his boards around in a while. Would be a shame if for some reason he stopped shaping? Although most shapers dont just stop shaping.



…yes, but he s not a long time shaper

he started about 6 years ago or so


I chatted with him before when he s in the Bomboras

(I play too)

I have a beautiful 9-10 new dimention square tail. I have had it for 4 years. Its my go to small wave traditional longboard. It does exactly what it is supposed to. I do not like heavily concaved noseriders. I think they're limited. Gregg's boards (mostly) have soft rails and rolled bottoms. Nonetheless it noserides very well. Its heavy (2 big wood stringers & double 8oz volan all around), turn off the tail, glidy. When I transition from shortboards, I usually forget how to turn it and fall off the side on the first wave. Gregg is great to talk to and an solid craftsman.

Overall I would recommend the ND model for someone looking to add a classic LB to their quiver. I do not think I would recommend it to someone as their one and only LB necessarily, because its not what I want when the waves get past shoulder.