Hurricane Ophelia Photos

feel free to post your pics…

finally got some surf pics…not something i do on a regualar basis…

yeah the surf here is mediocre at best but we do have our moments…man i love September!

ps - please dont ask where this is, thanks

that wave above is almost DOH…real board breaker…heard about some insane towins down the road yesterday…TOH 300+ yard rides at one of the famous big wave spots…

some pics from today the 13th…much smaller but still perfect


ps - please dont ask where this is, thanks

Where is that?

Yes, there has been some fun surf here as of late.

Meecrafty, are you riding your balsa boards in these waves? I’d like to hear if you feel the flex is a bigger advantage in heavier / hollower surf or in the typical florida mush.

(I’ll have my vacuum system completed this week and will start my first vacuum board next week. Kicking myself I didn’t start a month ago.)


ps - please dont ask where this is, thanks

can i at least get a state? Fl i am geussing

Wow, nice. I can’t wait till it gets here. :slight_smile:

yes yes good stuff all over this coast. oh ophelia! work and school obligations allowed me only one day of surfing this sweet swell, but it was PERFECT!

i can’t even begin to describe the pictures in my mind of the surf i’ve had over the past week+. that is all.

Hate to bring this up but, why isn’t there anybody surfing at those spots? especially at that Sunset Beach looking reef/spot

yea, this hurricane season is treatin the east coast pretty good, looks like there will be more to come aswell. too bad up here in virginia its rather blown out. ive been watchin the fla cams for juipter and sebatstian, both lookin beautiful. i guess the wind will finally stop when the storm passes by us, but for now its heavy onshore wind and rain


Yeah Tomcat

I live i VA, and surf OBX usually. It has been bowing hard onshore for almost 2 weeeks straight. Plenty of swell in the water - but just trashed from the winds.

Loved those pictures. Reminds me of my college years living in Daytona, really like Sept and October in Fla.

Enjoy it, hopefully it will clean up here soon

Jim N

Here at Wrightsville Beach,NC it’s been blown out for a week. Unless you’re asking to get worked, it isn’t even worth it. Some are trying but most are just getting swept down the beach and not really catching anything. Frankly… It sucks. Some have gone to that secret place here, where it was cleaner but getting to that spot is sketchy at best and some are getting whacked and having to have the Coast Guard come and rescue them… Once the wind switches to some variant of Western direction, maybe late Thursday or Friday, it’ll clean up for a short period then probably go flat.

I guess today is probably the end of Ophelia for us Central FL guys. Quite possibly the best 10 days of my surfing career!!!


Hate to bring this up but, why isn’t there anybody surfing at those spots? especially at that Sunset Beach looking reef/spot

because, most “secret spots” around here are actually secrets…and when you get to the beach, you’re the only one there…so if there’s someone on the wave, who’s taking the picture!!!


Thanks for posting pics of the good waves you’ve been getting. That left looks great. What were the water temps at this break?

Looks like CA might gets if first good Southern Hemi in a year and a half at the end of this week.

glad you guys are getting some too…too bad for the carolinas…your just too close and on the wrong side of the storm…usually you guys get the better of hurricane season so its nice to get it good here for a change…

boards are working insane…tried all three successful finishes and majic boards are real…one of three is majical…stringerless with just the right rocker…

water’s very warm…proly low 80’s…i could surf for 5 hours if it wasnt for our intense sunshine…brutal

as far as location…somewhere south of the cape and north of key biscayne…definitely not sebastian inlet…

crowds are not a big factor at some spots…on a big swell like we’ve just had a PWC or jetboat would just open up so many opportunities…there are still dozens of offshore reefs that are yet to be ridden…but big swells are not common

this is what typhoon no.14 brought us…

Yes, that spot is about as secret as it gets for the area that its in. Fortunately I know where mr. crafty surfs so I was out there. So nice - ruler straight lines coming in from the north, sheet glass conditions and about 10 guys lined up over a couple hundred yards. Many pummelings in closeout tubes - many moments of bliss as all things came together.

when you’re so deep in the barrel you say your own last rights cuz there’s no way you’re gonna make it…and then she just opens up and spits you out…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

North Carolina had the bad winds. Here in the Charleston, South Carolina area the winds were mainly north offshore. Sweet, peeling barrels Sat.-Tues. Not as big as Fla.; mostly about head high, but really clean, lined up, long lefts. Definitly had the best quality in awhile! Water temp in high 70s felt good after the summertime bathtub.