HURRY UP! >> i need an hawaiian friend tnx <<< (not so urgent)

hi everyone you be.

i need a translation in hawaiian language if it’s possible. (it’s a simple sentence don’t worry)

eh eh



Try this site for Hawaiian translations:

thank you…

but i need the translation of this sentence, that could be sound jokely like:

“club of the fools” or “stupids’ gang”…

could anyone out there help me?


Some of the guys who olelo (speak the language) better than I might have a better translation, but perhaps “hui o na lôlô” Hui (hoo-ee) being club or organization, lolo (low-low) being crazy… You might try PM’ing Pohaku (Tom Stone). Good luck…



mahalo & regards…

Again, you should probably check with the more proficient speakers. I’m not positive if it would be “hui o na lolo” or “hui o ka lolo”. Some grammatical rules in there somewhere. And I just noticed that when the letters came through in my post, the diacritical marks were incorrect. In “lolo”, those aren’t supposed to be ^'s above the two 'o’s. They are actually straight horizontal lines. Haven’t checked my ASCII table to see if those characters actually exist. What was the actual phrase you were trying to translate? Was it something for a surf club you’re creating? Here’s a couple of extra words for you: kolohe (troublemaker), and pupule (crazy). Check out that Hawaiian dictionalry link again if you want to look up more words…

a hui ho


tnx again.

ehi man, where are you from? are u interested in hawaiian too?

Live in Hawaii, haven’t had the chance to take the Hawaiian language classes yet, but it’s a goal. You pick up quite a few words just from living here. Lots are used on a daily basis in pidgin…

wow, that’s great… i think it’s something similar to italian people doesn’t learn basic latin class. they could live at the same kind but there’s a very little piece they missed. probably most don’t feel that, but i think it’s there…

in that case of hawaiian language my opinion is about it’s the language of the oceans, for you could find similar original languages all through the pacific and also down to the indian one and over.