Hydro Epochs repair question

Hey there Huck,
It was in early 2005. The board lasted probably 3 weeks total. I probably only got to ride it for 5-6 sessions… that was a 450 dollar scam man!

Yeah, but nine years later, kinda late to be posting a gripe on internet, I think.  Probably best to just move on, at this point.  There are other guys who bought a new board from other makers, and had it break in the first few weeks, so its not just an Epic surfboard issue, stuff happens out there in the big blue sea, even a 3 foot wave can pack a lot of punch, if it hits just right.  

You’re new to Swaylocks, right?  So you found Kendall posts on here, but if you look at the info under his avatar, he hasn’t been to the site in almost 5 months.  No way to say if or when he would even see your comment.

But meanwhile, there is a lot of great information available here for designing and building surfboards, do you have any interest in this area?  If you want to make a pretty indestructible surfboard, there are people here who can give you guidance and clues to get there.  Vacuum bagging veneer over a foam blank, for example.  Or even if you just want to make a sturdy surfboard, there are ways to accomplish that, stronger than the average surfshop off-the-rack boards.

Its a forum for people who are into surfboard history, design, construction, and so forth.  Lots of good information and knowledgeable people.  My suggestion is stick around, get to know the site, share some pics of your quiver or your local break, and forget about a questionable purchase 9 years ago.  

Welcome to Swaylocks!

You are totally right on Huck. Trust me, I’ve been over it for ever now - and you’re right that it IS late to post a gripe…
It’s just that I hadn’t been able to find or contact Kendall when it all went down 9 years ago…
Part of me thought that it was my fault or something. That it was my mishandling of the board…
But 9 years later - I’m seeing Kendall on here laughing and talking about how they all knew that the first prototypes were destined to break from their engineering flaws - yet he still went out and sold me a defective one, telling me it was in perfect condition… Coming across that info this week made me feel pretty crappy… I really hope he didn’t go ripping off a lot of other surfers too.
It’s not really about Kendall seeing my note - It’s more important that OTHERS see it - to avoid being scammed out a bunch of money for broken stuff…

But anywayy - yesss! I AM looking to learn about building and shaping and painting and finishing a surfboard! Swaylocks will be a GREAT resource! I’ll post my local break and quiver info in the proper forum space :slight_smile:

i don’t know Kendall personally but it could be that he sold it before the flaws in the build were discovered…

either way, i can see how you’d be nonplussed to find his above post here 9 years later…

welcome to Sways Donta, build your own! … very quickly you can learn to build something more durable than most OTR boards… now the shapes… well, that takes years hahaha

Thanks so much chrisp! I’m definitely stoked to dive in and learn how to start a project proper!!
I’ve been really attracted to the “Veneer on Foam” construction that Huck mentioned earlier !
wooden veneered boards with resin tints is the route I’d like to study!

wood veneered boards can look really good…

where are you located?

Those hollow carbon boards made by both companies were doomed from day one.  I saw the first ones come thru a large shop on Maui.  Every one of them failed.  After the first batch the owner dropped them.  No follow up or warrany either.  You didn’t have to be too smart to know;  Black Carbon board without a vent.  No foam core.  Little or no interior structure or reinforcment.  Seemed at the rail. Etc. Etc. Fraut with desin flaws.  Looked cool, but all hype.  Carbon Fiber and Kevlar boards are impractical purley on the costs associated with their construction.  Lowel

Hey Lowel, we found something else we can agree on. 

We could easily do all-carbon lam schedules, but besides being too stiff for surfboards the material price would make the boards very expensive. Kirk and Eric looked at some spread tow stuff that was priced at $930 per sq mtr.

That’s Right!  Agreed.   Lowel