hydro surfing??

Hey there I wonder if somebody in here knows how to make one of those hydro boards, like the ones Laird is surfing on jaws. If somebody knows about some homepage with pictures or have instructions I would really appriciate it. Thanks in advance and stay stoked

the foil itself comes from airchair.com ,it is a water sking thing that you sit on ,its just been modified to a stand up version by bolting the foil to a wake board or custom surfboard. i think theres a link at airchair.com to some guys in hawaii who are selling the whole pakage deal. i think at this stage of it you still have to use snowboard boots and bindings which seems kind of nuts considering the conditions.look at hydrofoilsurfing.com as well.good luck.

Don’t bolt it to a wakeboard - it will sink when it falls off your feet. Attach the foil to to a short bouyant board. Darian Smith and Rush Randle on Maui started companies that sell complete packages. I saw a great article a year or two ago in a wakeboarding mag that showed Rush using the foil on surfboard, on a kiteboard and even on a sailboard. I wonder how well these things deal with kelp!

keep in mind whatever you bolt it to needs to be reinforced . theres a few feet of foil shaft levering on that mounting plate . a regular surfboard isnt going to last that long. check out jimmy lewis’ foil board ,its built for this specific purpose but its expensive.