i blame swaylocks...

Magoo, You are fortunate to have watched from Jim Phillips and he should be commended for sharing his knowledge with you. I once approached a shaper here in the islands and asked if I could watch, his reply was that he would teach me all he knew for $10,000. That included short, long, wood. Hey if I had the money at that time I might have. But to Jim and the others out there who have volunteered their time and knowledge, a big mahalo. I havent gotten my method down yet, but somehow or another the shapes keep coming out working OK.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Its appreciated. By the way, I dont mean to insult anyone with the “corrupted” statement. Its just that what I do I know comes completely from inside. I do study others boards - intently. I measure, feel, ride, and absorb shapes. I admire the skill of shapers that produce immaculate boards as well as those who are fumbling as eager novices. I have scores of templates and dimensions from boards I have had the pleasure of experiencing and I have shared these with other shapers professional and underground. I find a bit of pride when I see my personal template as a stock board in a name shop. I made a copy of a friends early 1960s Yater once. I started by taking 6 dimensions at every point on a 3 inch grid over the entire board. I marked all over the board and wrote the reference X, Y, and Z locations from a flat plane under the board. As I shaped to board I constantly measured to get to the dimensions without overcutting. While the result loked identical and rode about the same (lighter blank and glass made a bit of difference) The most rewarding result came about a year later. My buddy had moved to Oceanside and was walking down the beach at the Harbor when another ‘greybeard’ surfer stopped him to ask “Where did you get the Yater and where is the logo?”. The shapes I make for myself are a bit unusual (I’ll eventually have a chance to post some photos). Its actually why I started shaping - I had my own ideas about how a board works and needed to find a way to try them. I stuck a link in to provide idea of the results. Check out the board in a bottom turn (and ignore the guy I burned, he just couldnt seem to make a wave). But as I’m not a production shaper Im not concerned about time - only the result. And I also know the value of the learning from the techniques of experts (regardless of what the skill of interest may be). But I focus on the theory. The most interesting thing for me when it comes to this site is the chance to see and hear from other backyard shapers. I feel a comraderie that is a bit inexplicable. Its probably all the fumes. Again, thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed it all. http://www.concreteanthill.com/spacific.html

John, I am shaping here in Islip, Long Island. And people better not make jokes about us here- we had Chris Tomlin win the air competition in Cali this summer, a great video called “North of Nowhere” and the ESA contest at Gilgo this summer with double overhead sets (if you missed it, sucks for you- watching longboarders on 8-12 clean left breaks was incredible- as were the shortboarders and everyone else.) Well anyway- I have only shaped 2 boards so far- but I learned the hard way- trial and error. I can provide some great advice so you don’t make the mistakes that long time shapers forget to tell you about (because they have forgotten). I shaped 3 boards, glassed 2 and tomorrow I am doing the finishing sanding. Lots of fun [smile]. This site gives great pointers- sometimes I see that John Carper’s way isn’t the only way or even the best way. Search these archives often. And to everyone on this site- thanks for letting me lurk in on the community. I hope to post my finished boards on the site soon. So John, feel free to e-mail me. http://www.creativeeducationalsolutions.com/boards.jpg

that’s it i’m moving to new york. double overhead? nice…

yeah ive been doing the same(looking for a place to watch) but its tough to find a place where i can…im only 15…therefor no liscense…and i live an hour from dayton…which is where i would be watching one the board companies…right now ive made 7 boards…1 is a longboard which is mine…and soon i plan on making my self either an old school fish or a single fin…im thinkin fish…i do all of the shaping painting glassing and sanding by myself…and the only thing ive went by is those jc videos, surfermag board, and swaylocks!u guys who have had people teach u are lucky…it is hard to go buy these days…does anyone know any of the shaoers in florida…like that might be willing to let me hassle them below is a link of my newest board…i did all steps and its pretty darn close to looking professional dk

Herb, Perry Rips! I saw him hit the nose on that 8 footer… very smooth. Have you hit Duarte yet? It opened about 2 months ago. Had a session there this morn with the reg crew and my kid. There is a nice double bowl that had me thinkin about your Taco Skateboard… Check it out when you get a chance - you can draw all sorts of speed lines in that park. Oh, by the way – that stinger template you gave me worked out real nice. The guy I made it for loves the stick. Mahalo, Magoo

Well granted it was hurricane swell. Waves like that are few and far between- but check out the movie “North of Nowhere”. Many people didn’t know there was good surf here. And don’t move here- the line-up is too crowded as it is.

Waves can get quite nice here, you just have to be on top of it… http://www.newyorksurf.com/ me last week: http://homepage.mac.com/dubstar/long_beach/11561.html

a line up where people dont move … how refreshing…kinda like a still life by performance artists…wow …an undulating carpet of people on surfboards what an image…ambrose… facinated …thinking of buster crabbe’s gift of surfing… to long island … an unrepayable gift

nice shoulder high day. maybe 4 or 5 a year?

Yeah, 4 or 5 a year, you got it. Plus the water is polluted with needles and you get mugged in the parking lot.

yous got a piccha ov da double ova head waves?

OK, let’s not get crazy here. I think that that Tom was just pointing out that New York (and the East Coast) gets good surf. Hurricanes and Nor’easter can result in clean OH and bigger surf. Long period ground swell from these storms combined with offshore winds (a frequent thing on Long Island) can result in 2-3 days of solid surf, with smaller very well formed waves on either side of the peak swell. We don’t have the consistency of the West Coast, or an overabundance of point and reef breaks, but the beackh breaks and jetties are nice, and coves, points, and reefs can be found if you’re willing to make the effort. You can check some nice NY and NJ waves a: http://www.easternsurf.com/main.html scroll down to the Mike Nelson gallery. I never understood why those fortunate enough to live were there’s consistent surf feel the need to criticize and make fun of other surferes and their spots… Here’s another nice clean NY wave…maybe this was the 4th day out 5 that we got good waves? http://www.easternsurf.com/main.html

Dub I haven’t criticized anything to this point, just trying to pick through the information on wave size and frequency. I surfed your area for many years and admit I had some good days. I found most of the Northeasters were very short period, hurricanes few and 4 or 5 day swells a stretch. The coastal beach breaks were beautiful amongst the dunes and three story mansions. I’ve witnessed some 10’ waves ridden at the Manasquan inlet in the early winter of 72’ 4 guys out, one riding well, Kevin Casey, from Seaside. I’m glad you’re stoked; don’t feel guilty about surfing in N.Y. It’s all good.

Yes slice, it was more directed to the post before yours. The guys in Manasquan surf well…always have! As for Long Island, the spots out east are the ones that hold the real size. It will eventually get too big for the Long Beach jetties too handle, even if it is clean. The same jetties that organize the swell also tend to rap you on days with big east to west drift. Even good surfers can find themselves in a bad spot and facing a possible wash over the rocks (ouch). But it has been a fairly consistent late summer and fall, with a good spring earlier in the year. Of course, we do suffer from the west winds and the long flat spells from time to time…not to mention those here today, gone tomorrow noreaster swells you mention! The spots up in Rhode Island can really handle the size…

Jim Phillips and I toiled away in high school building boards with no training at all.Several years later I was able to apprentice under Jim and he passed on what he had learned.He taught me the basics like skinning,foiling,outlining,and railband sequences all done with a Skil Planer.I would never have figured that stuff out on my own.

Remember… There is no surf on LI… Say it again and again and again. Then remember to leave early and be there before the crowds

OK that’s it I’m moving there with all of my friends. Everybody tell everybody, the jig is up.

A buddy of mine keeps telling me how I got to get up there and surf radar station,cavet’s cove,and trailor parks with him.I find it hard to head north to go surfing…but the lure of a pointbreak is getting hard to resist.Any pictures out there?I hear the territorialism is pretty bad…can’t blame em if it is.