I found pizza dough in my car

So I was cleaning out the family ride when I found a ball of Filippi’s pizza dough under my kids seat. (don’t ask)

It was rock hard, but when I cracked it open it was all pourous like some kind of expanding foam…very light weight, very strong.

it was probably the yeast that helped it expand, along with a nice warm car…perfect breeding place for some strain of HV93P-87 Jackel virus.

Anyhow I’m going to make a blank out of pizza dough, I was thinking of laminating it with some kind of bi directional woven angel hair pasta, but I’m not sure what to use as glue? Prego, Ragu or maybe Newman’s? Maybe I should save money and make my own?

should I vaccum bag it for a tighter laminate, should I add a stringer or should i just route out a channel and add super strong Rigatoni noodles?

meat sauce stronger than garden veggie? So many questions need to be answered. This is a surfboard forum right?


use a lasagna noodle springer, be sure to use the no-boil type though.

well, it’s bound to work better than the rice krispies and white glue. What a mess that was. Really. (I should have taken a picture, sorry Chipster!)

I prefer the Classico Spicy Red Pepper sauceover the wide lasagna noodles. Why make your own when you can rip off somebody else? That’s why I use Swaylocks.Mike

Wait, won’t the spicy sauce melt the pizza dough. It melts my…well, as they say…Hot going in, hot going out.


No worries, Resin. You just have less time before it “goes off.” If yay know what I mean.mike

Hey Jay,

Pizza dough is so 1950’s technology. I prefer to use 1lb bread loaf. they’re lighter and just as easy to shape. I just use some peanut butter to seal the bread loaf. some people say that they don’t like bread loaf because it floats more and has a hard time burrying the rail but it works for me. I also bake the bread loaf so it comes out with crusts on the sides which act as perimeter stringers. Sometimes I feel like I’m force feeding this technology to people.


Well- while some are experimenting with the lattice method -

Myself, I like hollows

Please help me! I was used to getting my bread delivered daily by the Helms Man. One day last month he just quit coming!

I’ve heard you can make bread and sandwiches from products readily available in my grocery store. Has anyone else tried this?

I’ll be searching the archives, Thanks for any replies, Gil

ps son of the lightbulb thread…good one Jay

Mmmm. An edible board. Perfect cure for the fourth hour mid session drag down. Just take a bite out of your nose, or shape/eat your square into a swallow.

no sarcasm when i say this, honestly this holds potential for my dream of the edible surfboard(previously i hoped for a cheese doodle type core but i think that it would break down to quickly.) now back to the topic. you should laminate using butter, no margine that is full of transfats it will kill the fish. but use butter it is more water proof than pasa sauce. you could use melted cheese to apply the laminate and use a pesto sauce to hot coat. make sure to use long even strokes. and use wonderbread pads to sand off any lumps.side note pest cost more but it weighs less


use a lasagna noodle springer, be sure to use the no-boil type though.

You guys are all too “old world” in your thinking. I think I am going to go with the Chinese solution, no stringer and very light (rice noodle)-

I prefer sandwich construction

Check out the rad olive tunnel fin.

Hey or maybe this:

Hey my home girl Belle, she’s a beau won the all blue crush contest at Trestles (pre toll road)

on this surf

Then I went to cerritos to learn to

and guess what? She chased me all daynng!!

But she got a taste of

But I’ll borrow Jay’s idea of this: (uber blank material)

She said, ‘seef, dewd, omi primo shape. kin youf . … yummy. i love hof coaz. lams fing er likey goof.’

You know this is sort of starting to piss me off. This is supposed to be a surfboard forum about surfboard design and construction! I’m looking to make the most cost efficient, hi performance surf vehicle? I don’t care about some girl winning on an OLD DESIGN at a POSER CONTEST like tressles…or what ever the name of that place is!!!

No lets get back to the point: Does any body have a Subway or Quiznos coupon? Something like a Buy-One-Get-One free deal (aka, The BOGO) I reckon that it cheeper to buy an import already made, I really can’t tell the difference, and instead of wasting my time trying to make a perfect board, I’ll just buy off the rack?

Anyhow just like mentioned above, trying to find bread now a days is impossible, i just don’t have the time!!!



Anyhow just like mentioned above, trying to find bread now a days is impossible, i just don’t have the time!!!

While I am generally a fan of hand tools, I do find a shaping machine a real timesaver:

The new Spiral Dough Hook attachment is ideal for putting together those long loaves. And if you pick the right materials, you’re set.

On the other hand , for the high tech hollows ( like the cream-filled items favored by the factory riders) the paddle blade and the whisk can be used for both outer shell and core respectively.

Those who favor alternative forms (like a chocolate mousse, which conforms to any wave) may find it useful for putting together their craft.

There are those who like the bread machine popouts, but myself, I like something at least partly hand-shaped. Once you’ve done your own,for real, you’ll never go back.

It’s true, really - I had this girlfriend who gave me one, the week before she hit the road. Works like a charm. Been strictly a home-builder since. King Arthur flour in 50 lb bags and Saf-Instant yeast in the 1 lb vaccum-packed bricks, that’s the ticket.

doc… I like Anadama, myself…

Dang, you guys are Soooo stuck in the past.

There are much better ways to do this.

Take the Twinkie, for example. Twinkies aren’t baked. The ingredients are mixed, poured into a mold, and Twinkies happen.

You just need a bigger mold and a Twinkie recipe.

Does the injection of an internal creamy stringer enhance or dampen the flex? I guess we’ll have to test that one.

Or maybe a springer.

Here’s a link to some scientific testing of the subject:


As always, Doc you saved me from buying a halfbaked popout. You talked me off the ledge. I’m looking on e-bay for a nice used unit, maybe something in a sportier red. everybody knows thing done in red are faster. I AM GOING TO MAKE A PIZZA DOUGH BLANK!!!.

Gee thanks guys for all the help!!! I’ll post some pics of the process so everyone can learn from my mistakes and successes. Once i get it baked maybe someone could help me with the toppings?


REMEMBER to seal the blank with hummus before glassing!

Hey Jay,

if you’re dead set in going the pizza route, may I advise you to pick your toppings wisely. A recent article by Domino’s explains why…

Domino’s Pizza, the pizza delivery experts, sought the help of a renowned expert in the field of smell and taste research - director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Dr. Alan Hirsch - to discover what a person’s pizza topping selection says about them.

The Domino’s Pizza “Toppings Tell All” study revealed that:

You Want What on Your Pizza?

Those who prefer non-traditional toppings such as pineapple and onion tend to be aggressive, achievement-oriented, natural leaders. They do not easily suffer fools.

Pepperoni Please

People who prefer traditional, single meat toppings described themselves as being irritable, argumentative, procrastinators, who frequently conveniently “forget” obligations at work and at home.

Meat Fanatics

Those who preferred traditional, multiple meat toppings are dramatic, seductive extroverts who thrive as the center of attention. They crave novelty in all aspects of their life, are fashionable and impeccably groomed.

Only 1 Veggie Please

Pizza eaters who prefer traditional, vegetable, one-topping pizzas are empathetic, understanding, well adjusted and easy going, making them the ideal parents.

Veggie Pilers

Those who prefer multiple vegetable toppings are trustworthy, loyal and dependable. They value friendship as the ultimate manifestation of life’s ideals. They function best in a group environment. They are humble, introverted, and avoid the spotlight.

The study also found that:

  • People are passionate about pizza. Forty-four percent of respondents agreed completely that they are passionate about their pizza topping choices.
  • I eat pepperoni, therefore I am. Nearly two-thirds of respondents somewhat or completely agreed that their pizza topping choices reflect their personalities.
  • Pizza eaters seem stuck in their ways. Forty-eight percent say they would never try new pizza topping combinations, while 38 percent say they order the same pizza every time.
  • Meat edges out the veggies. Sixty-seven percent prefer meat and cheese toppings over vegetable and cheese toppings.
  • Toppings rule.When asked if their dream pizza would have more or less toppings, nearly 60 percent opted for a fully loaded pizza. Twenty-seven percent think 10 toppings would constitute their dream pizza.
Taken from: http://dominos.eprize.net/pizzaofyourdreams/index.tbapp?method=news_reel&session_id=rdlm4dzn5aijak39

I don’t usually like Domino’s, I’m more of a L’aventina’s kind of guy. But with Domino’s recent lowballing tactics (the 7-7-7 deal) I’m hard pressed not to choose them for my next project. There’s also Costco that sells thier “Kirkland” brand pizza. The world of Pizza making definitely has some ethics problems. Just my opinion.


Oh. One more thing,

just to point you in the right direction…Kelly Slater rides a Pizza Hut Signature crust Thin And Crispy.