I need help with my first board

I am in the middle of my first board.  The shaping process went well, and the glassing is OK.  I am now ready to glass on the fins and plug for the hot coat stage, but heres the problem.  The board is strong, and I am happy with the glassing of the board, except that the sandpaper has left a stained look on the rails where I tried to smoothout the overlaps (yellowish).  CAN I PAINT THE BOARD TO COVER UP THESE BLEMISHES BEFORE HOT COATING?  I never really planned on painting this board, but at this point I think it will look better if I did.  Any help would be great thank you!

Hey Jeff!

I haven't done this myself but i've seen in other threads that people hot coat first, sand it down smooth and then apply the paint. If you paint it first and then hot coat, you might sand through the hotcoat and the paint leaving you with a nice cream spot. Also you'll have to use a spray gun.

The area where the laps are, tends to be a bit darker than the rest of the board anyway. 

If your rails turned yellow after sanding, then either you used yellow sanding paper that gummed up into the laps (unlikely) or you sanded too fast or too strong and heated the zone to the point where resin yellowed… In the first case, you might try cleaning with a bit of acetone. In the second, there’s not much you can do (except painting or maybe doing another lamination on top with tinted resin and light cloth, like 2 oz) If painting, hot-coat and sand first, then paint.

Thank you for the reply, I figured that was gonna be the answer! Tonight will be the first time I have glassed on fins and a plug hole…Wish me luck!

Thank you for your help.

It must be from oversanding.  I used white paper, and I remember sanding the board thinking that I needed to sand more and more.  I think your right oversanding and perhaps got the resin too hot.  I think a little paint should cover up my amature mistakes.  Lets hope!

Thank you for your thoughts!

Everybody (well, me, at least) did that once. Don’t worry, it’s no big deal. The board will work, anyway.

Hey man, don't worry about how it looks,  its board #1.  Don't even really worry about how it surfs, its board #1.  The beauty of it is surfing something you made.  I just finished my first two boards, and only ridden one.  The first wave is amazing.

Like everyone else said, Hotcoat, sand, paint.  Good luck with the board and have fun with it!

I ran into a similar problem on my second board sanding the laps.  I used cheep, old sandpaper designed for wood (the brownish sand kind) and the little grains of sand fell off and got into the gaps in the fiberberglass.  I didnt have a compressor so I couldnt blow the grains out and hotcoated over them.  The board was painted yellow on the blank and now you can see large brown stains under the hotcoat.    Maybe this is what happened to you?

Oversanding and overheating sounds like a likely culperate too. Perhaps the lam hadnt fully hardened yet?