I ride a mat


It’s been my chosen surf vehicle for a while now
I still love surfboards and I spend hours in surf shops checking the board racks.
It’s just that in my opinion the mat is the most advanced and adaptive craft I’ve ever ridden

Speaking of which… Dale, are you lurkin???

I’m stoked to be getting a 4th gear flyer after my Christmas gift fell through…

trading a mini-30 for a mat and a surfboard…I don’t know whether to thank or curse obama.


G.G. and friends New South Wales…

I love my mat! i got it when i thought that the MERSA infection would really destory my knee–spoke to dale for about an hour and he made me a true magic board!

i always have a mental discussion as i decide which toy to take into the water on any given day—mat wins more than 50% of the time and it’s my backup board on any trip—the airlines don’t charge for it either :wink: