If You knew...........Would You go ?

A Question to all,

If you had the knowledge of a distant place ,that is perfection in everyway,(better than your wildest dreams),and had the chance to go there to live,but never to return here,and had to leave everything behind,but yourself,and only yourself…

Would you do it ?

Could you do it ?

Do you have the courage ?


Hope you aren’t talking about that last paddle-out to the wild hereafter.

No, My family and friends make staying here my best option.

I don’t think its a courage issue. Courage means staying where your needed and loved. Selfish is to go alone to paradise.

On the surface I’d say no… thinking that it was someplace with warm weather, surf, etc. Because I couldn’t enjoy it to it’s fullest without my wife, kids (both adults now) and our dog!

But…thinking deeper… sounds like (distant place, that is perfection in everyway) death/passing on and that I’m ready for. I’ve had a GREAT life and if the supreme being wants me then I’m ready.


everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die- peter tosh.

it is easy to say that you want to go off the grid, and surf perfection but the uncertainty of never being able to come back is enough to force just about everyone to stay in their life.

how many boards can I take? do the women wear tops?


The only instance of this I have ever heard of was the guy on Christmas Island(?) down below Hawaii. Featured in Surfers Journal a while back. You know the one? I thought about whether I could handle that alone. I am a total introvert (INTJ). But just once in a while I’d like to share a wave.

No,it’s here in this world on this planet.

What if you could take your family,possessions,etc. with you,but never come back ?

What would be the answer then ?



Herb, I think the answer is easy, but I have to ask, is this a trick question?

Now you’ve got me wanting to go surfing and there’s no waves here.

Tempted to say yes, but how selfish would you be? Especially if you have family, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and such that can’t go with you or don’t even surf themselves!

Most wear nothing at all,and come from diverse backgrounds,globally. The average age is 24.

Finally, my wife’s dream has always been to move to an island where the girls are young and walk around nude. The surf is a bonus. Im in!!

I got to such a place every day, in my dreams at night… 'cept every morning my dog slobbers me back to reality that he really needs to go walkies…

Courage is what you make it.

Think of the travelers/explorers gone by in earlier centuries.

Isn’t what I stated,just what they did…and for some,it was a one way ticket(eg. Capt.Cook).


Where in Thailand are you ?

Phucket ?

I know where there waves close to you,that is… if it’s breaking.


yep .

I did it.

first dsy I got picked up hitch hiking by an officer of the law

who asked me if I had any lsd.

I was on my way to enroll at the community college.

never return isnt a detrement

no matter where you go

if you return you are different

everybody says you talk funny

your status is skewed

your bag has morphed

I tell ya,you gotta go.

if you stay until sombody says fetch or sit down

what kinda life is that?

kid number four left for taiwan

today to finish up her last year at school

she was sad.

she had a good time with the folks

we ate well lotsa merican foodwhile she was here

I was makin jokes to vheer her up.

we as merkins are about leaving to embrace cultural change

as well as experimental personal growth for personal growth

and ops for new life styles unlike our parents

I think this is the imperetive

you gotta go.

go man go

go van gough

paint your masterpiece

dont stand in line to copy

the mona leeeeeeeezzzzzzza

or ride the cause way to the factory

to lose your retirement to el moron …

life the adventure movie

how many times can you watch the same cartoon

before you memorise the script?


I got my shoes on I’m gonna go check the beach

an it aint wander inn

besides it aint wander inn

no more…

“What if you could take your family,possessions,etc. with you,but never come back ?”

Two entirely different questions for me…and at that there are different answers for different life stages. I have enough miles on me now that I’ve known people who have done both extremes and everything in between. Looking back I guess I could say that I treid to find a middle ground and traveled quite a bit but came back each time to a place that I appreciate more and more the older I get and the more places I go.

On the other hand the place I return to has changed over the decades into…someplace else. “Possessions” have lost importance, really only things with sentimental attachment mean anything now. Possessions are a distant second to people; status or image (including being an “expat” or “local” in romantic places) is not even on the radar. No regrets in not vanishing into the surfing wilderness…like blasting in to Austin Texas in 1976 I can recognize places that instantly feel like “home” and are easily recognizable as huge adventures in progress but also I have been aware that there are many turns on the highway…I truly believe that if I’d migrated to Hawaii or Austin or Oz that I would be long dead by this point. New Zealand, no…I’d be fine but would have missed the opportunity of really knowing many family and friends…I would have been not alone but perhaps adrift…life would go on and could still be rich and rewarding.

If some of the people could have gone with me, well, then that’s another story…but impractical, an unavailable option…and therefore something that has no mental traction with me.

Funny thing about aging though…stay “in one place” so to speak and things change around you…people drift away in a variety of ways…now with far fewer family to be with and the ppreviously mentioned lack of interest in possessions the idea of making a major move makes more sense.


Herb if you know of a place I will leave today with my wife(she rips) No looking back for me.

yes, i did it 4 years ago… me, the GF and the dog. i have been “back” for a couple of short visits, but never of my own accord.

Nope. I enjoy the stoke of watching a friend finally get a good ride after surfing junk waves for an hour! The change of weather and the excitement of a new swell, how could you give all up?

your not still here ,are you?

Got alot to concider,

No power,No running water…no pollution…geez…what’s a ghetto rat to do ?