In Search of JoJo Perrin

“BTW Are all the mag scans you post from your own collection? Many images are familiar to me, as I have most of those mags.”


Mixed bag: I have a pile of old Surfers,
Surf Guides, Surfing Illustrateds and a couple of International Surfing
mags from the 60s and early 70s + some photos I and others took over
the years.  And some of the stuff ( such as the Jo Jo Perrin skateboard
interview) I dug up doing web searches.

hi everyone 

jojo perrin is my uncle ! im gathering up old pics footage and other old stuff of his to put together a bookor video but, its hard to find much stuff other then the few old surfer mags from my grandmother . if any of you could help it was totaly stoke me out . my email is or you can contact me here my user name is oxsurf 


brady perrin





Love this photo, and that board.  Looks like a 6ft pig shape?  Were these common in 68?  Would love to know more about that shape.


6 ft in '68? Nope.

I doubt the board is 6’, if the pic is from ‘68. Typical size for that year was closer to 8’+. Note the guy knee paddling in upper left. Can’t do that on a 6 footer.

It’s great to know people respect my uncle Jojo.  Thank you for posting these great pictures of him. He is a Malibu legend.  Jojo is alive and well, still living in Malibu.

Cool!  Glad to hear it.

It's an eight footer.  Very common at the time.  Rounded pin.  The pin came off the hips.  Down rail in the tail area.  Single fin Waveset box.    Alot of guys were shaping and riding them at the time, including Dora.  They were like streamlined "Performers" with a rounded pin.

Here’s the last surf PICs I have of your Unc, Ox…


Stylin’ in November, 1965 at the 'Bu:


great pics thank alot!!

     Howzit Sammy, I had a 6'10" William Dennis in the spring of 68' so it could be 6' with a few extra inches. Aloha,Kokua

JoJo made some beautiful boards.  He’s my uncles brother and I did not see a lot of him growing up.  Great to read all this info!  Thanks for sharing.

Hey if you ever want to sell your Jojo Perrin please let me know. I got my first custom board from Jojo. I restore a lot of boards and would love to do one of his.


You still restoring boards? I have a Jojo Perrin that needs a little tuning up. I’m in Topanga

Sad postscript: