[in the spirit of 'lazarus'] .....some of my current projects.....

okay, so a neighbour scored me three boards recently from ‘roadkil’ [aaaahhhh… the good ol’ 'council collection days !!]…

one had three nice glass on foam core fins …

PICT0624.jpg picture by chippy61

one was a channel bottom , double winged single fin [to strip and reshape into a stubby] ,

PICT0635.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0633.jpg picture by chippy61

and one was a complete board , with glass on fins , also …

PICT0618.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0641.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0666.jpg picture by chippy61 PICT0669.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0672.jpg picture by chippy61

the progress , so far (the cut and tabbed glassons ) …

PICT0694.jpg picture by chippy61

I’ve also cut the nose and tail blocks off the 9’er , to reshape it into an 8’ hull type outline …

PICT0616.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0605.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0611.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0614.jpg picture by chippy61

[ I still need to expanda foam the plug holes , take out the fin box , and reshape the nose and tail sections [plus fine tune those rail areas…] ]

the hockey stick fins , in the glyndon ringrose ‘island’ 6’3" …

PICT0811.jpg picture by chippy61

…to be continued !! …

This photo got me thinking…

PICT0694.jpg picture by chippy61

I’ve been doing a little Chip finning myself…I guess it’s time to share…

thanks for your response , Ray !

let me know how the fins go , eh ?

i always find it inspiring to see others making fins and remodelling boards and stuff…keep up the STOKE !!



the 9’er becomes a 7’6…

PICT0959.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0962.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0967.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT0997.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1001.jpg picture by chippy61

…okay ,

so my question …

has anyone here ever surformed through glass to match existing rails ??

if so , any help / advice / photos , please ?



…due to the board be snapped previously , i didn’t want to risk reshaping , respraying , reglassing the whole board …

Hey Chipper

I was gonna PM you to ask what you been up to, no need now. That’s some proper recycling projects you have going, you should apply for one of those government grants or something.


Hey Chip

Looks like you’re having fun there !!

Hav’nt surformed through glass before . I would be more inclined to have at it with a 40 grit disk but I noticed you were working in the kitchen ? so the dust may be out of the question.

Keep the photos coming




I don’t think the surform will give you much joy with glass, a hard sanding block with some coarse (40) grit maybe more joyful… Your gonna want to be able to patch it with glass properly so try to feather the sanding into the existing glass job…

does that make any sense?


PS check your mailbox…

Curious, how are you going to fill in that deeper gash at the tail to the right of the box?

thanks for the replies guys !

hi duckdiv[?e?],

my intention is to thin the board and smooth out the channels . After talking to ‘entity’ the other day , i was thinking i’ll fill in those gaps / build up the rail[s] with two part [slower setting] expanding foam , and reshape it .

the spray foam is a bit yellow apparently , so i’m thinking this board may end up an orange spray [??the “prawn” , revisited??] , or a yellow spray

probably no tints or pigments on this one though [unless i can get access to nod’s glassing bay!]

stay tuned 

meanwhile , today , i scored some resin , so it’s back to the kitchen sink for this lad !! [fin panels , here i come yewww!]

cheers !


p.s.- i’ll practice with the surform on the nose and tail offcuts , first , i think , then try sanding block for plan B , eh ?!

Hi Chip,

Why don’t you strip all the glass off the 7’6"? Would make it much easier to reshape.

Take care,


hiya Craig !!!

GREAT to hear from you mate !

unfortunately the board has been snapped and filled with q-cell on the join , so the risk of re-snapping it , plus the expense and pain of sanding q-cell compared to foam 

so , what have YOU been up to lately craig ???



…more to come …

…the remains of the 9’er [yes i DID end up stripping it , Gill !

PICT1164.jpg picture by chippy61

okay , so i gave this to my mate ‘Big Daz’ , fully expecting him to use it as a learn to surf board for his 7 year old son , Kai .

one day , two weeks later , i see THIS … Daz , all 5’10 and 100kgs of him , resprayed it , and rode it …[all 5’11 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/8" of it] …

[it pays to be a STRONG paddler , eh ??!!]

PICT1094.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1081-1.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1079-2.jpg picture by chippy61

[ And , later in the day , the surf looked like THIS …

PICT0797.jpg picture by chippy61

here are the fins of another roadkill [ the too narrow 'Banksy 6’8] …

…currently waiting to be retabbed [now i have probox , yeehaaa ! less fiddly tab cutting involved !]

PICT1133.jpg picture by chippy61

the 6’9 ‘blank’ [cutdown from the 9’ 'maladjust ’ , which was cutdown from a 9’4" [?!] blank to start with ?!] …the foam will be used for tail and nose reconstructs , ?possibly? a skatedeck? , fins …

this roadkill matt manners '80s thruster needs nose and tail work , so , here’s ANOTHER project to entertain me over our long hot flat summer … between that and fin work , and , hopefully , the occassional paddle when there is swell , i can be nicely distracted from the fact that christmas is just another day for me to survive solo [usually manage to get a wave early that day !]

anyways , the 6’2 [so far?] manners …

PICT1661.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1672.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1670.jpg picture by chippy61

the other ‘bringing back to life’ [lazarus, paraphrased] i have been doing is …

going through my MANY cardboard templates from five or more years ago ,

and re-templating them

with 28 panels waiting in the wings ,

SOME of these new templates may get a go , i’m sure !!

[i’ll probably do the same with some of the fins i have made over these years , too…]

stay tubed



Hi Chip,

Why don't you strip all the glass off the 7'6"?  Would make it much easier to reshape.  

Take care,







  talking to 'moonfish' , fellow scarbs surfer ,


  he suggested we "may" be able to strengthen it by wood veneers / vacuum bagging . Not having this technology myself , I hadn't even considered that option !


  When his stuff arrives from N.Z.,  hopefully i'll get to see first hand [and be AMAZED !!] how it's all done .


  here is where swaylocks is really GOOD ....people with know how , technology , lateral thinking , willing to help each other out ...that's what it is ALL about [for me , anyway ...hopefully if i can supply fins and other ideas , i'll feel like i can give something back to fellow sways and fellow surfers


At this stage , I'm thinking I'll use the  outline [pictured in the next post of mine] , to make either

1) about a 6'4 "fish" , 

2) a 6'8  'cd4-type' board or perhaps even , 

3) [?feeling adventurous and inspired by 'yorky's thread?] have a go at doing around a 6'4 - 6'6 THREE fin bonzer , perhaps ?? 

 [I'll just have to try and locate the longboard magazine that I previously scanned the photo of the 1970's three fin bonzer from .... or....does ANYBODY remember the thread's NAME , by any chance ?? ]


  cheers !