Info? Gordon & Smith Magic

Yes it is 6’6 and it’s  a super fun board to ride. Lost it on the rocks last winter and i got caught up with other projects. Gonna rebuild the the tail a bit into a nice point again. Thank you for the info Sammy! 

Those tails were always geing crunched. When you redo it, putting in a bit of solid glass or something isn’t a bad idea. 

Good luck. When we sold those, and we sold a lot, for some reason we didn’t get a lot of them comin back as trade-ins. People liked them and hung onto them.


holy crap – my first surfboard, a g & s magic, bought at the bethesda surf shop, $110 or $130, i can’t recall now, and surfed, very poorly, by me, at the jetties in rehoboth beach, del, while i avoided the hard-ass barrels owned by gary revel, the best surfer i’ve ever seen, then and now, and his crew at the south side of indian river inlet. wow. memories!

Very cool. Following