Info on Epoxy SB-112

I was lucky to get a Clark 88H ultra light blank after it closed. I purchase at the same time a three-gallon set of SB-112 Epoxy with a ratio of 2-1 to do some of the laminating. I also purchased a polystyrene blank. Both blanks are shaped and ready for glassing. I plan on glassing the boards with Epoxy laminate under a polyester laminate and sand coat. The two blanks are both 8’-1" long and 23" wide shaped like my Nugget but wider. The polystyrene is 3-1/2" thick and the polyurethane is 2-3/4" thick. Both shaped blanks weigh 5lbs. at this point. My intended glassing will be as follows.

1- I will laminate the bottoms with 4-oz S2 glass and Epoxy with free lap the rails.

2- I will then laminate the deck with a poly/carbon cloth with epoxy and a cut lap.

3- I want to then laminate the bottom with 2-oz E-glass with Polyester resin with free lap.

4- I will then laminate the deck with 4-oz E-glass.

The sand coat will be polyester resin.

My questions are;

1- What preparations do I do between the Epoxy and the Polyester layers.

a- Do I just wipe the epoxy laminate with alcohol before I laminate with the polyester?

b- Do I sand the wipe the epoxy before....?

c- Do I lay a layer of epoxy sand coat between so I can sand and wipe so I do not compromise the poly/carbon laminate?

d- Do I lay a layer of 2-oz glass on the poly/carbon when I laminate so it can be sanded with out touching the poly/carbon layer?

2- I have access to a large oven to cook the Epoxy to speed up the curing time. The oven is set at 150-F°

a- What knowledge do you have on this?

b- How long would you suggest cooking the epoxy?

c- Would I check on it every 15 min or every 30 min?

d- Would I place it low at floor level or high at 6'

3- Does the Epoxy have to be completely cured before I sand/wipe and laminate the polyester laminate?

4- What would you wipe the Epoxy down with between laminates or epoxy and polyester? I have been told to use alcohol, acetone and Spick and Span. What is true and what is myth.

I will be laminating the bottoms this Thursday Night with the Epoxy. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year


If you check out system three’s website, they have a downloadable PDF file that tells you everything you need to know about using SB 112 with poly. I woldn’t try any alternatives that aren’t in there.


Thank you Pat for that info. I went to their site and printed it to read tomorrow.