input coat issue

ok, the issue - when hotcoating the deck, the resin is flowing off the side of the rails before it has a chance to cure. i am using uv catalyst sun cure.

my thought - as a precaution, i add additional wax solution (1/2-1 oz depending on how many boards i am doing). my understanding is that there is styrene in wax soution (is this correct?) if so, does the styrene thin the consistency of the resin so that this is causing the run off?

your thoughts, and recommendations…


Howzit brasco, Yes there probably about 94% styrene in Surfacing agent and it will thin the resin, but that’s how its been forever. Are you using UV sanding resin or UV laminating resin? Which ever type you use, when using sun cure you should add some extra S.F. to the mix to make sure the wax rises to the surface. I use UV resin but use catalyst to set it off instead then after 20 minutes or so I put the board in the sun to finish the curing process. If you use UV and put it in the sun to cure, make sure you wait at least 10 minutes or so before putting in the sun. If you put it in the sun to soon the wax won’thave enough time to get to the surface and your hot coat will be tacky and a sanding nightmare. To be safe you might wait till you actually see the wax on the surface before putting in the sun. Aloha,Kokua

Yes the waxing agent has styrene in it but also wax

Too much and youll cloud the resin

I use UV cat also,

the resin is supose to run off the board and leave a thin layer stuck to the board

once its leveled out I take it in the sun to set it off

also you can use regular cat along with the UV

I do this for gloss coats

let it gell in the shop then pull tape and stick it in the sun

this keeps the splits and air ripples at bay


How much compared to normal amounts of catalyst would you use for a board you plan on finishing off in the sun? (no color)

half the amount? less?

i’ve always wondered…who better to ask.


thanx for your time and input. i havent added so much as to cloud the resin, so i guess thats good. the resin is running off the rails to the point that the texture (weave) of the cloth is still visible on the rails once the resin has cured (i am using a uv tunnel to cure the resin - dont know if that matters, but i thought i’d throw it in there).

what i find strange is that it only runs off the rails, and not off the nose rocker while hot coating the bottom (or the deck for that matter).

thanks again


I’ve had this problem but I use mekp. I found I was putting the hotcoat on too thick. so I put it on with a brush paint it nose to tail tail to nose. then go across rail to rail then lay it of nose to tail tail to nose. not too much catylyst as this will be too hot and makes the resin sticky and cloggy. Most of the problems with this have been on gloss coats. hope this helps

warning I’m a backyard noob. I’m using UV cure lam resin with SA added, also with enough cat that it would probably kick in 15 minutes even without UV.

I’ve done my brushing off and I’m walking around checking; Wax has started to rise. If the resin on rails is looking too thin… I’ll wait if necessary, maybe another minute or two for the remaining in the bucket to get a bit goopy then load up the brush, take another nose to tail/tail to nose swipe with the brush only along the top of the rails. Then expose to sun.

Howzit bizgravy, Example: 16oz’s of resin, 15cc’s catalyst. I pour it on the bpoard,brush it sideways then length wise then grab a plastic squeegee and run it along the bottom with an angle so it pushs the resin outwards. By the time I throw the squeegee in the acetone it’s kicking, Aloha,Kokua


how long does it take to gell in the uv tunnel?

the sun gells it in about 3 minuites

if its not gelled in 15 to 20 minutes after you tip it out

then mekp catalyst may help to gell it sooner

hey ken,

gel time is the same in the tunnel.


hey Brasco

is that 3 minutes or 15 minutes?

oh by the way

I get the weave pattern after sand coat sometimes

just hand sand the rails as not to burn through

power sand the deck and bottom

sorry ken, i should have been more clear. its 3 min gel time on the tunnel.

what i have been doing is just lightly scuffing the low resin area on the rails and then painting another layer. not really a big deal. i was just curious if by adding additional wax solution to the sanding resin, was i thinning it out too much and was this the cause of it running off the rails.

thanks again, ken


Howzsit brasco, You can always put a sweet coat of lam resin on the rails before hot coating.Aloha,Kokua

thanks kokua…will give it a shot



I’m about to hot coat my poorly done resin coat (first time).  I’m going to use UV sanding resin without any catalyst.  I was told I could take the board out into the sun and expose it to light for a second to get the process started and the wax to come up to the surface, then take it out of the sun.  I was told that this brief exposure to the sun acts as the catalyst.  Once the wax is on the surface, I was told to then take the board back into the sun to fully cure.  Is this a proven method?  What does it actually look like once the wax is on the surface?  Thanks for your help.

   Howzit hchou, It will look kind of foggy but I would use catalyst then after the hot coat kicks take the board ouinto the sun and let it cure rock hard. I did the UV thing a couple times and both times the wax didn't rise enough and so I just went back to catalyst then the sun. We are talking maybe 15 minutes of added time but at least you have a good hot coat and not a semi gummy surface to deal with. A lot o guys just use the UV and do pretty good with it but I don't want to take the chance and then have too hand sand the bad surface. Aloha,Kokua