Interesting Article regarding foam & EPS

I ran across this article by Steve Boehne of Infinity Surfboards written in April 2006 that might be of interest. It is a brief history from December 5, 2005 through April of this year regarding the foam situation, and ensuing problems for manufacturers, with explanations of the price increases for consumers. Try this link:

good article…thanks

Thanks for posting that link. Interesting that Steve is saying; “One thing good to come of this is that Infinity Surfboards for one, is making a stronger, lighter board with the EPS-epoxy technology we have been forced to embrace.”

And Steve for sure has the years of experience to speak with authority. EPS/Epoxy is stronger at the same time being lighter than Polyurethane/Polyester. That’s what Greg L. has been saying.

From the article:

"It didn’t take long to realize that by the end of the week the shop would be empty and I may not be able to build more boards. I immediatly raised the price $100, but that had no effect on sales, so I raised it again another $100, and sales only slowed down a little so I raised the price of the boards a full $300. "

Interesting that he claims the elevation of prices was not necessarily to make bigger profits (a sweet side-effect for him), but to keep boards in the shop. Was the worry that a surf shop without boards in the racks somehow loses legitimacy?

Also interesting:

there is a deep-seated annimosity towards the US surfboard industry…”

Good article so far (about halfway though it). I like getting the “inside scoop”

Thanks for the link.