irragularities in the hot coat - to much wax or somethin?


I have shaped about five boards till now but in the last board that i made the hot coat had little “dents” about 1/16 in diameter, it kind of locked like something, mayebe the waxing styrene stuff collected and pushed the resin out the way forming dents, it never happend to me before, i think i might have put a little more wax in the hot coat then usual but im not really sure. They where a real pain to sand out.

Does any one know what happend, i dont wanna do the same mistake again

Sounds like it could be dirt/dust or finger print residue to me. I’ve has similar and carefully wiping down the lam with Acetione before the hot coat cleared it up.

I find if I make sure the board is Clean and the resin/styrene/wax mixed completely it works to get rid of the dips and dents.

With me, the oil from my fingers kept the HC resin from sticking to the lamination, hence little divots in the HC.

Hope that helps,

Eric J

ill try the aceton cleaning, but i blew it clean with air before hot coat.

what kinda ammounts of wax you use?


ill try the aceton cleaning, but i blew it clean with air before hot coat.

what kinda ammounts of wax you use?

Piston or diaphragm type compressor? Air/oil separator in the output line?

Compressed air isn’t going to get rid of oils (finger or otherwise)–and in some circumstances may even spray some on the board.


i dont know what kinda compressor it is as i shaped the board at a shapers place who rented me his shape room, but its big, noisy and very old.

but now the real strange thing is that he glassed up a board and had the same problem, so its not to much wax or dirt on the board (i have the feeling he knows what hes doin) so could it be a problem with the chemical composition of the resin or catalist? i cant think of anything else, i mean he made boards for ages without those “things” in it…

any ideas?

Sounds like the wax may have been old or cold. Make sure when using wax that it’s all liquid. Keep the stuff above 70º before use. If you see that it’s seperated, warm it up in a bucket of hot water and shake well.

I’ve experienced something similar in gloss coats which I have always put down to dust on the hotcoat before glossing. I now dust off. clean with acetone and use a clean tack cloth (used by french polishers) and don’t have the same problem.


listen to greg…i had the same issues…cold or crappy wax, evening dew point ocean mist?i tried to warm up my wax it worked once then turned to a candle type consistancy…get new and keep it warm," it smells bad in the house though"…im havin problems again time to get new…

ps dont glass/hotcoat outside before dark…

yeah i gave the wax a good shake before adding it, it seemed all liquid. does wax “go off”? why shouldnt i glass before dark?