Is a volan glass job heavier than a double six deck and six bottom with gloss and polish?

What’s heavier? 6/6 + 6 or 8 oz volan, top and bottom?

well volan soaks up more resin, but if you are only doing one layer of 8oz volan, i wold say the double 6 would be heavier.

“volan” is just a treatment that is applied to the cloth for better adhesion when it’s laminated. it’s a fairly common misconception that volan makes it heavier, but it doesn’t. the confusion comes from the fact that volan treated glass is usually found more in the heavier weight cloths (8-oz, 10-oz, etc.)…but one square yard of 8-oz cloth weighs approximately 8-oz regardless of what it has been treated with. however, more layers of a lighter weight cloth will hold more resin through the weave – so two layers of 4-oz will weigh more than one layer of 8-oz when it’s laminated.

Now THAT’S a good answer. Thank you.

the key to volan is to squegee it as dry as possible, ie, get as much resin as you can out of the glass and off the board. do not leave it resin -rich.

soulstice–possibly a stupid question…but, are those 2 4oz layers holding more resin stronger than the single eight with less? i think i’ve heard that more resin=brittle, and that there’s no intrinsic good in simply more resin…

straight polyester resin (without glass) will fracture rather easily, but in this instance, the primary strength comes from the fiberglass. however, if you’re looking to maximize strength in your glass job, go with epoxy resin. i read somewhere of an experiment someone did where they made 2 small discs…one of polyester resin and one of epoxy…and threw them to the ground. the poly disc shattered into a million pieces, and the epoxy disc didn’t have a scratch.

i suggest not doing epoxy resin with volan.on paper it looks like a bombproof glass job, but in reality, it doesn’t work too well.i had one of my best boards ever glassed in this combo, by one of the top epoxy gurus.don’t know exactly what happened but after about a year, the glass job started morphing and ruined the board.

i wasn’t suggesting epoxy with volan…since we’ve already established that volan glass is no stronger than a non-volan cloth of the same weight, i was suggesting using a lighter weight cloth with epoxy resin. heavy cloth under epoxy would be too stiff for my taste, anyway.

A few months backsome where here on swaylocks, I read that epoxy is not a good choose for a poly blank, for some reason it dents easily and can cause just the break down that was talked about. I have a board that I had glassed using on layer of 10 oz volan. It is over a year old and is holding up real nicely. I like volan because I like the clean cut lines.

this is because of the flex characteristics of epoxy. when eps foam is compressed it will bounce back, but when PU foam is compressed, it will not. when glassing epoxy over PU, i use a high density PU blank to mitigate that compression.