Is a Wingnut II the right choice?

Please help I need unbiased guidance from a stable person that knows what they are talking about! Last time I bought a board because it spoke to me > Cool board though :wink:

My fat ar$e

  1. Height = 5’10’’
  2. Weight = 15 Stone or 94KG or 206LB

Current (first) board
  1. Escape board, by Bill Attlee
  2. Shape = Flying carpet/Slipper
  3. Construction: Traditional fibreglass.
  4. Dimensions = 7’2’’ X 22” X 2&15/16”
  5. Concave nose at the front with 50/50 rails, Single fin at the rear with 70/30 rails.

I bought the board last September and was planning to use it (learn to surf) over the winter, however in October I did my back in whilst surfing in Porthcawl - Since then the waves have dropped off significantly and the board needs at least 3’ to 4’ to get it moving properly – then it goes like a scalded cat :0)

In a nutshell I’m after a Longboard. The sort that will catch a fart in a bathtub and pull fast and exciting turns …when I learn to do turns!

I think I’ve found a fantastic deal on a 9’0” Surftech Wingnut II, (its got a little scratch and is £100 cheaper – what a shame!!!). The man in the shop (who in my opinion is cool, enthusiastic, sold me my first board, like, trust & respect for totally unknown reasons) is telling me it is “progressive” and will “rip”. Unfortunately, having read descriptions of it on the web it kind of sounds a bit tame / predictable / noserider’ish etc.

1. Can someone out there please assure me that once I’ve learned to carve some nice turns it will still turn me on?

2. Maybe I need something dull to learn how to turn properly?

Best regards & many thanks for your time


There’s a guy at the spot I regularly surf at who’s got one. Seems to work just fine for him. All things (including money and opportunity) being equal… I suppose if you didn’t care at all about noseriding you might prefer a board without nose concave… but that board’s concave is at least pretty modest.

Hi thanks for the reply,

I’ve reserved the board and am due to get up at 5am and drive 200miles to pick it up! I’m really after confirmation from an unbiased source before parting with large sums of cash!!!

I think deep down I just want a board that will work in the poorest of conditions, but if I can get one that will turn quick and light my fire then that would be groooooooovey!

What are you riding?



yes the board will turn and the shape is definatly good for smooth longboarding. weather you like the feel of surftech or not is something to consider.

I’m excited for you… it’s a nice feeling to be able to stare at small surf and actually get excited :slight_smile: I’ll never understand why some folks shun longer equipment. My longboard is a Yater Spoon… my last board however, was a G&S noserider that looks to be pretty similar to the Wingnut you’re getting. It worked very well in less than perfect surf, but I had it out on plenty of bigger days as well.

Enjoy the new board!

Good morning chaps, its 5am over here in the UK!

  1. I know that the Surftech concept lacks soul & personality but I’m also an engineeer and like the concept of a proven design entombed in a durable shell.

  2. I’m allways getting over excited :0))

  3. Will drive down to Cornwall now and buy something. I’ll let you know how it goes. Just hope I donn’t buy a dog!

best regards & thanks


After a 400 mile round trip and a 3 hour surf session in one day - she isn’t pretty (grey & yellow) but she does the job - a bit like a fat chick at the end of a good beer session!!! [DISCLAIMER – The quote goes back to my unmarried days!]

Turning: I found that I had to keep the back end weighted else the nose slips under culminating in a classic pearl!!! This one rides very differently to my other one - once I got that sorted she was rocking and I found I cold actually turn a surfboard - awesome!!!

Waves: Yesterday was great 3-4ft and glassy out back - beauty. That said I did conduct some trials closer in shore and she’ll pick up a frothy 18"er no worries and surf it in style, including turns!

The Surftech debate: Yes I’m glad I bought a Surftech for 2 reasons…

a. During a pearling lesson, I speared the nose thru the water and into the sand good style, resulting in me getting pole vaulted way over & past the nose - in mid flight I remember thinking its ok its a Surftech she’ll take it!

b. I’m fatter/heavier than the average person. Because the epoxy construction is more buoyant I don’t need a disproportionately bigger board to compensate!

many thanks for your time & advise