Is epoxy valid ?

I’m hearin ya Huie, more than likely shit core material ?

I do personally think that properly made epoxies are stronger, but, what I’ve been seeing is,[without mentioning manufacturers} maybe a combination of questionable techniques with questionable quality materials ?

Too many delams seems to suggest this… ?

I wasn’t tryin to start a war …



 no war with me i agree with you  just putting the blame on the likly culprits  haaa’’


    cheers huie

fFom what I hear, the most durable custom boards commercially available are Coils and Stretch’s…


And, I agree with John, “epoxy” and “poly” are far too broad of terms.

I always loved EPS cores but they can vary a bit just like PU.  Get a bad EPS core you have a bad board that gasses, delams, leaks, and breaks.  Get a bad PU and it shrinks, delams, gasses around the stringer and breaks. Quality core is what it’s all about guys.  Plenty of quality cores out there and plenty of crap too.  Be selective.

Oh yea … proper laminating schedules too.  Don’t expect a -5lb board to last you till the next decade … you want it to last, build it right.  You just want the ultimate lightweight … expect it to break.

I’ll never go back to PUPE. I went from a ding every other go out to no dings in 3 years and the board still has pop.

End of discussion for me.

To answer the original  poster’s question…

Epoxy is in fact …   “the answer”… Although  new laminating resins  such  as  Resin X offer promising results…

     Is epoxy valid??

     Yes !  …In reality epoxy is  only  a different  form of glue, as is poly…

  Is it a better / stronger glue than  poly.??..  Yes…       So… It’s  quite  valid…

How you apply it with the other components of board building enhance or deminish the virtues of epoxy resin…  

You can’t judge the  absolute qualities of a glue (epoxy or poly)  based on what might be inferior core and skin components…

P.S. I’m done with this conversation…

I’m done too.

From a chemical/mechanical point of view, epoxy is far superior.  How it’s integrated into manufacture is another thing.

For my part, my epoxy boards were the first sub 5lb ers I ever had.  Yep they snapped, but lasted longer than sub 5lb PUPEs.

here is a clue for the ignorant ones


 chose the density of the core for the job required

give some thought to the glassing sched as above


 and if you realy want to get more life    FINISH THE F##KER PROPERLY

and there is nothing wrong with a good epoxy glass job on a a good polyurathane  core

to many people with one eye


    ** cheers huie**

It’s good to see the ‘likely culprits’ apprehended…

i drained a couple of slightly damaged EPS Mals recently,and was amazed at the amount of water that came out over the following few weeks,my idea of drying out time changed completely…

kniterider,as far as secret rockers go, there isnt any,as soon as it goes out the doors it becomes common property,

most types of board in existance will pass thro’ a shaper/fixer,swaylockians hands at some point

to document rocker,from the early days to now in millimetres,with accompanying reviews

would make a satisfying read for many a sad anarak

and to offer customers that choice,would undoubtably help the cause

you dont need to post your own haha

mine arn’t any use either,there too fast…:slight_smile:



Well, it’s cool !

Same discussion two years ago may turn to “war” quickly.

Because forum people of “every were” have a better knowledge about composits, everyones say that if a board is well made, good shape good materials an good technics, it’ll be a good product.

That’s the key for everythings no ?

Sorry for my frenglish.

Mr bak

The answer is obviously YES .

Valid for a plethora of reasons in a myriad of applications. We don’t have the time or space to discuss all of the epoxy options .

When I was repairing boards the local crew of rippers were getting into lightweight performance stringerless  boards glassed with epoxy. 

They were snapping them because of the surfing style  eg; busting airs and landing in the flats.

Not all the cores were EPS.

At least that jig I gave you is getting some work. ha ha

Thankyou for your time.

Mr mick

Yeah jig is gettin some use !!

And “You” know what the answer is !!

I like Huie’s philosophy.

Start with the core

Glass / Skins as appropriate

Use quality materials



But ugly girls try harder and want to please more than there pretty counterparts. Get a board that will put out for you and ride it til it breaks.

For me epoxy / EPS does that.....Yeeee Hawww!!

I think he’s right.  But maybe there is no such thing as super light & indestructable ?

Compromise for feather weight and snappage occurs.

There must be somewhere in between both ?

I believe there’s no such thing as indestructable, but would like to be proven wrong…

core is correct… but ill bet some of them have unbalanced laminations schedules too…