Is it me or is anybody else tired of looking at Hucks boards

What is da up with the Stubby Fish on the hom page?  Maybe there could be a meor then jest Hecks revolving pectures? Was up with the cenvergience of fins anyhow?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

All I know is that you just broke Babelfish when I tried to translate what you wrote into English.

Shameless self-promotion.

Just kidding Huck.

Figured you paid the big bucks for that advertising.

Lets see some of your best work resinbutt.

Hey Sammy if you access the site through the Home Page, the Surboard Archive gets front billing, there is a rotating picture show of recent entries.  Unfortunately, there really haven’t been any truly “recent” entries.

I have posted several of my boards, hoping to inspire others to follow suit, but nobody has yet.  I wish I could encourage guys here to post up their boards on surfcraft archive - there are categories in all sizes, also fins, tools, skateboards, and “other”, so there’s room for everything.

I like it for several reasons, one good one is if someone asks a question about a board I made, and I can’t remember sizes or other details, or if I need to access some pics quickly, I can go to the board archive and find it easy peazy, vs. trying to use search function which can be a pain.  Also, its a great source of inspiration, looking though the old pictures.  People used to post cool stuff there, it could be a great resource if we just use it.

Thanks resinbutt for bringing it up.

It’s just you resin ass…

I like hucks boards and wish mine came out half as nice… You seen that wood tail block/leash plug the OG made.lots of skills and time and glad he shared it for inspiration…that beach comber rustic one with fake dings and a suntan was off the reactor in my books…

Lame attack on huck, the mans just sharing his hobby, what good are you doing???




Boner move…


This means that other folks need to post up their boards.
Good sport Huck

Hey Huck,

How come I can’t post a pics in that archive?

When I try, it says acess denied. :frowning:

No it’s just you! Love hucks work & build threads. This has shades of he who must not be named resin butt. Touch of the green eyed monster me thinks…

I dunno Barry, but you’re welcome to post up without the pics, send the pics to me by pm, and I’ll tinker with it this weekend when I get back to my computer.

First I’ve heard of it. Anyone else?

Thanks guys but resinbutt brings up a legitimate point. I don’t access the site thru home page, I use general discussion as my portal, but every time I go to home page I think the same thing.

The rotating slide show of recent entries was, I’m sure, designed to prevent monotony, not create it! We just need some recent entries, is all.

I tried to add an entry, but get  the following error:

Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page.

Do I need to register somewhere to make this work?

I stopped posting surfboards to the photo archives a few years back because  I did not like the Quiver format. I do not add boards now because I do not want to be apart of the loop that Huck is stuck in…I like the Stubby…but…resinbutt has a point…

I access the site through general discussion also Huck so never really on home page, so he might have a point? But the way it’s written seemed like hating, jealousy. Your class reply back just shows what a gent you are.
All the best.

I will try to check into it more this weekend if I get some time, right now my access is by iPhone, and the site is not really iPhone friendly.

Hey ray, what would you do to improve it?  Sure like to see you posting there again.

there must be thousands of board photos on the site and we see the same 3 or 4, which by coincidence are all by one guy.  That would get monotonous no matter whose they were.  A random dip into photo archives makes more sense, if a change is to be made.

Resinbutt is funny, can’t believe you guys think he is real.


what ever happenned to Roy’s broken board?

anyone here rode it yet?



Sea its all you klones and folowers. I dont nead to post up my sweet shapes to show you klones i can do the good bords. This is ezactly what i did talk about above. Then you lock out otters from posting up the sweat shapes two!!!  I will dig up a few boards and post them up just to show you guyz

I had considered posting up other guys’ work, you know, like resinbutt does with resinhead shapes :wink: