is shaping addictive?

its 2 o’clock i should have my hands folded between my legs and date some nice girl in my dreams but instead i fight with glue lines and work on a board thats to small for me and neither ordered. whats up with this?


If it’s 2 in the afternoon, there’s still time to fininsh the board and then fold your hands between your legs etc…

If it’s 2 in the morning, you have a problem and need expert help…

No way man!

Shaping isn’t addictive, in fact, I can quit any time I want,

I just don’t want to…

…so if you’ll excuuuse me, I’ll be right back after I freshen up my planer.

Then I’ll take a nap (been up for 3 days now) and maybe do something,

like, shape, or get ready to shape, or…

…get on a forum about shaping, or shape, or…

FINE, Fine, everything is fine… …you got any blanks? Is it hot in here???

You’ve been shaping surfboards again haven’t you.

expert help, yeah thats what i need. it’s pretty difficult to figure all the shaping and bagging…all by yourself.

plusone, great stuff you have in your shop. need to get some to.

but seriosly, i just can’t stop there is allways something to learn, to make better or faster. mmmmh yeah i think i need expert help.



With such cool boards in his shop, how can you not blame him for being a ‘shaping addict’…

…niiiice boards Uzzi!!! More pics?

plusone, the pics as soon as the ladies are finished.

you have allways been considered as one of those in danger by me but don’t worry there are other ,silly he.



“mazagonia 2” 6’0 x 19 3/8 x 1 7/8 low rocker single concave into V, the fins are just for the pic

yes, shaping is addictive…

i only get to go once a week because of the intense schedule i have with school but i do shape in a room every friday

and i never wanna stop… i always force myself to leave

foam particles all over me, rounding the rails, planing away the skin, doing all that great and wonderful shaping for eight hours only once a week is like an addictive drug that you can’t get enough of…

oh i wanna go shape right now

Of course not! It’s simply an amazing hobby our life is ruled by!..Hmm, sounds like we’re slaves.