is this a good idea, or not? *PIC*

I cane across this surfboard company, and was wondering what some of you who are respected thought of this. It looks to me like something that should be on a longboard.

slingblade- i saw a design very similar in costa rica bout 9 years back- henry frye and his team guy were into boards taht featured a single channel starting at just above the chest area on the board. only difference between the example you showed is that henrys channels did not flare out. straight down the middle. the day we were out at ‘roca loca’ was about 6ft, w/ occasional 8 ftr, and the little team guy rode that board reeeeal well. i saw him make waves that to me looked like closeout sections, he would blast around them no problem- could have been natural ability also, all i know is, i wasnt able to make the section he was going around or thru…

Looks like they’re trying to use the same effect as the F1(/2/3/4?)racing boats and other catamaran boats. Dual hull, wide at the front, narrow at the rear. Should get up and planing pretty fast. Pretty much the same effect as the fat penguin’s deep concave or any other deep concave I guess. I don’t know waht the wide opening and fast change to a long channel with parallel edges does though. Any cons to deep concaves for shortboards? regards, Håvard

What is the company? I can read Sleds but noit the first part…

It’s Hawaiian Sleds Surfboards I think. No website though. is the website

Thanks all, I like a little single to double concave, but this is extreme. I would think that it would compress water through the channel adding resistance…but I am no expert!

Water doesn’t “compress” like air. Maybe it does trap air. But I have that feeling that it won’t do much cause the edge of the channel is not really defined. If anything it would make the water flow faster through the channel(taking away energy from the glide) or flow out of the sides or under the board which would only produce turbulencys around the tail. If the concept is to trap air under the board then I’d guess the board does turn easy but doesn’t sacrifice too much stability. Anyways I think that it doesn’t change the ride signifincantly or improve performance on a short board given the small bottom an short lines. Any more opinions on the design? anybody who has riden one of these or similar before?

i think slickenmeyer(SLICK Surfboards)utilizes this bottom shape, or something similar to it, on his longboards.

SLICK longboards uses just the opposite: He goes from a single, narrow channel then flares it out at the tail. A friend of mine has a couple of his boards and says they turn fast and are loose. Seems like the one in your picture would have to be tried out to actually see what it does.

ive seen a few Hobie Lb’s done this way but flared out at the tail. not sure what it does. maybe ill have to try it out on my next shape i do!?!?!?

Are they not trying to create a ‘Venturi effect’? I seem to recall a sailboard in the late 80’s that claimed instant accelaration because of a bottom shape almost identical to this.