is this a good idea.....

thinking of doing a black and white resin swirl on the bottom of my latest… As this is my first resin tint are these colours a good idea… i have heard dark colours should be avoided…

any advice would be great…

Thanks as always to all swaylockers…

By the way i have done a search and think im ok on technique ( speak to soon ) its just colour choice… black with white swirls would look so cooool…

All ideas are good


you may want to go with white with a little black

as dark colors absorb heat from the sun

I say go with just the tinyest skerrick of Black or it will get messy!~ and Hot!


cheers for the help, went with white with a little black swirled in… turned out great looks like arctic camo, ill get some pics sorted…

Thanks again

Think its come out pretty good … what you think.???

not too shabby!

Cheers Ken…

f*ck yeah! Love it.

Nice work.

pride justified

we are all proud

of ya’ll,let it ride

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crack of the wave,

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