Is this guy nuts?!

Nope. Just regular ‘gutsliding’ behavuer. ive seen worse.josh.

That’s a big boil. Where is it? Who is it?

Looks like Dale to me.

That wave could be anywhere, but it looks like inside Waimea Bay (Pinballs?), or maybe outside of that even. The water is probably warm due to the fact that he’s trunking it.

I will say this: That guy can angle. That’s really goood. Most people in that situation, myself included, would be slammed straight down and would be praying for an edge. That guy is in command and committed.

Thats rad.

cool photo – wonder how it ended

where did you find that shot?

It’s on page 2 (waimeamat) in the picture section on Dale Solomonson’s “Inflate-Able-Dream” website… don’t know who it is. Dale might know?

Crazy Dadio.


it’s me @ 15 on a stolen beach chair cusion…Herb?