Isn't this a wonderful website?

Isn’t this a wonderful website?

I wish this was around when I was trying to shape a board out of my dad’s garage as a kid in Michigan back in the late 80’s. I hadn’t the slightest clue what I was doing. I just wanted to get out somehow and surf the waves that I grew up watching in the winter months on Lake Michigan. I found an old harbour transitional floating near my grandpa’s cottage on Klinger Lake, which had a destroyed nose and tail, and had severe water damage. My friend Brian and his dad were being prissy about bringing the board onto their boat. They were like “what the hell are you going to do with that piece of crap?” As a kid of about 13 years old, I looked at them and said, “Please let me bring this aboard your boat… I’m going to ride this thing on Lake Michigan.” They looked at me and laughed. My dad smiled at me and said, “I’ll help you fix it”. We dried it out repaired the nose and tail with spray foam from a can, and glassed it with his knowledge of glassing a boat that he made from scratch when he was a kid of about 13 years old. That became my first board. Board number two was a 6’8" Corky Cool Stick which my dad bought for me in 1989, and I rode them both exclusively until I found a Bing Glass Slipper in someones bushes at Ball State University, Muncie, In. back in 1992 or 1993. That became the second board I had repaired, and was board #3. That one was stripped to the foam in 2000, reshaped, and glassed by my buddy Drew Marquis out here in California, when I moved here back in 2001. I’ve been designing and shaping boards ever since. This website has been my teacher and my mentor. I can’t tell you how important it is to keep this forum healthy and alive!


David (Kawika)


Be carefull man - One day you will find yourself in a shack/hut/garage/under a tarp, working late into the night/morning, making/fixing/tweaking your rocker table/hotwire/racks/fins/etc., and/or looking at the neat stuff you have recieved through the mail/FedX/UPS/etc., such as epoxy/carbon fiber/fins/etc… Just a heads up. Ha!

Other than that - keep up the good work, Taylor

great post mate , andI couldn’t agree more with the “if only this site existed when …” sentiment.

Great to hear how stoke’s fire was lit all those years ago for you , and the journey continues to this day …

it would be my wish that this forum helps MANY people share their stoke , their creations , their ideas , their growth , both as shapers , surfers , and as people .

cheers mate for sharing some of your background . [as taylor pointed out , “the addiction begins” …