####### it just keeps on coming

[img_assist|nid=1041652|title=kirra friday|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=481] just as good sat better by monday

allmost all time

by tuesday

&still going

what’s up with the PWC?

Huie …

That shot just brings it all back … the first time I saw Kirra 30 something years it was all of that on the sets and couple feet smaller in between

Coming around the top bend and seeing those walls line up has stuck in mind ever since …

Good to see the old girl laying down the law again … or maybe she’s having a stretch and a yawn


and your point is.?

Hmmm perhaps he’s wondering about the jetski…? (Could PWC mean Powered Water Craft?) … just guessing. I was curious about it too, jumped out at me right after I managed to stop gaping at beautiful lines of peeling fun…

Beautiful break.

PWC - Personal Watercraft…

'foaf…PWC are used to maximise competitors wave count in heats, whether its macking large or not. They’re not permissable in a crowded line-up in normal circumstances.



BTW…don’t know about the latest incarnation, but Kirra as it was known way back in the day was THE hell paddle. The sweep truly separated the men from the boys, and gave Queensland surfers the reputation as paddling machines.

If that sand formation stays and Kirra lives on, some entrepreneur would do sensationally well selling ski-lift tickets, ferrying guys back out to the take-off zone.


hi, this looks like the same swell, pete


howzit huie, thss are the time that welook forewardbtoband tend to remember years from now. say a prayer and thank mother nature for comong trrough agan,Aloha Kokua

i wish someone would tell the folks that up our way. in a crowded lineup its only going to be a matter of time before someone gets caught by a rogue set and a ski takes out a dozen people at ti tree. how far are they supposed to stay away from peopel in the water anyway? im not against jet skis, but they dont belong near PEOPLE, especially at high speeds and in 8-10ft waves.

hey grant howsit going.

** you would be happy with the swell off late eh.**

** i can understand the use of a jet ski at kirra **

** but at t tree thats bullshit ( sacrillige)**

**blow em up. haaaahaa.

Yeah, I say “not permissable” as if it did’nt happen…wrong.

Huie’s pic is clearly not during the contest as I first assumed. I don’t know what the law is in Queensland…it may or may not be being broken.

That size will keep the crowd down, and the ski is how they deal with the sweep, BUT…

Those things are dangerous in inexperienced hands and in the wrong place.


[img_assist|nid=1041657|title=burliegh cove sat|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=410]i tell ya stradie is fair going off tonight

another sleepless night

how long can this go on haaaaaahaaaahaaa.

aaah Huie you’re killing me…

Its double over head here and offshore, but of course its bloody unrideable when it gets like that, all the banks turn into straight handers!

Swells dropping a bit thursday, and guess who has to work?


For me the coolest thing about cyclone Jasper is that it’s delivered the best swell in years and it’s coincidentally named after my 7 month old son who is giving even more joy.

April the 3rd and the swell is still absolutely pumping after over 2 weeks of continual overhead + every single day[img_assist|nid=1041100|title=kids|desc=Ahlimee,Jasper,Ahmee|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75].

Just checked the swell charts and it’s a 3.5m swell today and by Wednesday next week it will be back up to 4m+.

Here’s a link to what coastal watch are calling “Jasper the friendly Cyclone”.


Off to Noosa again today for more insane waves.

no fucking way !!! wooohie

are you tired yet?

That pic is so sick I can’t even believe how nice that wave looks! I’m hoping to strike a little bit of gold this weekend but it’s not going to look like that I tell you that much! Enjoy it while it’s there and wear your arms and shoulders into the ground! …there’ll be lots of time for a cold beer and a hot tub after it’s passed. :slight_smile: