My wife will be making me go to Italy for a vacation believing there is no surf. It was my understanding that on the island of Sardina there is surf, small longboard stuff. When is there a chance for waves?

If you haven’t been there before, I’d suggest enjoying what the whole country has to offer and deal with the surf only if you seen everything else. Tuscany, the lakes region, bike factories, museums - egads! That said, go buy a copy of Stormriders Guide to Europe. There’s a key to spots in there.

soo many waves soo little time!! , coupla good places to start…

Sardina has waves in the north and the north west. certainly good enough for longboards but not very reliable. Go there with an open spirit, enjoy, eat and drink and the waves will come

An excellent travel opportunity for someone w/a good pair of fins and surf mat…

My wife will be making me go to Italy for a vacation believing there is no surf.

It sounds to me that you, your wife and your marrige would be better served to go see what Italy offers without surfing, and then maybe in exchange go on a surftrip another time.

Italy has plenty to offer. History, culture, food, architecture…

enjoy (can’t wait to get back - only time, children, work and $ keep me away)

check out Pepe at he will help you to where there is waves, he posts here sometime


Sardinia is the best place in italy to surf rock break…

But Liguria Area (Genoa region) and Rome area is good too…GCS know some italian guy… Paolo he come from Rome.

September October is the best time to surf temperature isn’t much cold, but I raccomend 3-2 wetsuit and short.

You can check here or

we have club contest in my city waiting time 15oct 15nov quiksilver gaeta surf master your welcome, for 2years brasilian guy won.

this image is Capo Mannu sardinia

when u come in Italy contact me by email


That must be that “small, longboard stuff” he was referring to in his lead-off post. :slight_smile:

if u dont found wave u can find easily food… or chicks