It's Party Time!

Just a reminder that our Party/Event is tomorrow Saturday May 31st. It’s gonna be a doozy! So many giveaways it’s hard to mention them all. Let’s just say there will be at least five (5) complete board kits that include PU foam (US Blanks) with UV Resin and Hexel cloth (Composite Resources), EPS Parabolics (US Blanks and Marko) with Resin Research Epoxy and BGF Cloth (Graphite Master/Greg Loehr) and more. Of course there will be plenty of free food and refreshments. Make the drive it will be worth your while.

For all the info about the event check out the post at the top of General Discussion " Foam E-Z 15 YR Anniversary Party Event, everyone is invited! "

Look forward to seeing you all there.


It’s about time you showed up!!!

Looking forward to seeing all the crew together

in one spot. Looks like it will be a great gathering.

Been seeing a lot of the young crew in the water,

surfing up a storm, you done good!

Jordan High will be represented!!!


Well the party happened and was a great time. There were, pop-up tents with product manufacturers and shapers, glassing and fin box demo’s, food & drink, cool surfboard folks, and a raffle that was the king of all raffles. I thought I was going to stike out but it turns out I won a whole board kit! Blank, glass, resin, FCS plugs and fin set. Nice fins too. What I didn’t win was board building skill but I’m working on that.

The raffle was huge with lots of resin, blanks, fins, boxes, deck pads, lots of stuff. To top it off there were two boards raffled off from Tim Stamps and Bettis Surfboards. Some lucky people got those.

Larry from Probox was there and awesome at helping me understand my layouts and fin selections.

I even finally got to meet Herb.

Maybe it sounds like I’m kissing butt here but is it’s the truth? Brad and the crew were first class, down to earth and really generous. They were taking pics and hopefully some will get posted here or on their forum.

Good times.