its uluwatu

though i am no fan of pro surfing

          this i gota see   

                                   :/<a href="http://rt%20from%20Uluwatu%20and%20the%20contest%20has%20been%20moved%20down%20there.%20Bad%20luck%20for%20the%20holiday%20crew%20with%20Uluwatu%20surf%20closed%20to%20the%20public.%20And%20then%20starting%20from%20the%2028th%20of%20July%20it%20will%20be%20again%20closed%20to%20the%20public%20for%20the%20Rip%20Curl%20Search%20event%20being%20run%20at%20Uluwatu" class="bb-url">rt from Uluwatu and the contest has been moved down there. Bad luck for the holiday crew with Uluwatu surf closed to the public. And then starting from the 28th of July it will be again closed to the public for the Rip Curl Search event being run at Uluwatu</a>/

i thought i must have posted that in a girlie forum

but then i relised it would have been swamped by

chicks wanting kelly

but seriously it would be quiet a show

kelly& co outside cnr

Thats what I reackon huie. Outside corner, on surftecks , that might get some intrest from the septic states.

yea john you would wonder if this lot are interested in surfing at all?

anyway how are you going up there

i see a bit in the paper its roaring ahead.

fine then, i’ll speak for us seppos. my initial reaction to the ripcurl’s venue choice was a little ho-hum. padang and ulu are both world class waves- don’t get me wrong. i guess its just that ripcurl markets this whole contest series with all of the hoopla mysteriousness and then they release that it is at ulu. i was hoping it would be something more exotic maybe up in sumatra, west java, etc. on the flipside maybe it is better that they’re not handing the keys of some gem to the surf world.

i wouldn’t mind seeing how the pros handle tripple overhead ulu when its got a bit of windswell and bump in it. plus, it will probably be an american win. i don’t think any of the aussies have much of a shot if its at ulu or padang.

They’ll have to surf around this mess!

i said it would be worth watching

i did not say i suport the f##kers

bobby martinez gets his chance

What to do about the big blow-in Goat boat sitting in the line-up…

Maybe the Apres-surf-invites-only industry party house!!



Huie, we are getting no waves at all. nudge nudge wink say no more. no surftech so that keeps the backpackers at bay.

Sorry to upset the good ole united states of septic but I thought I would do the right thing by my elders and take one for the team.

no surf here either

Yes, Permanently Flat-as-a-tack here too.

Haw Haw…


could be ok

As ya’s can see Scotto made the run down to see what was happening down at Uluwatu this morning. Apparantly there was only a very small turn up of surfers, but some pretty high profile names amounst those that did. Starting tomorrow Uluwatu will be closed to the surfing public with the organizers organizing the start of the Search event for the 30th of this month. And it looks like the crew won’t have to long to wait with a solid looking swell expected to start pushing the tempo on the same day