J.C. Hawaii's Flying Pig???

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has tried J.C Hawaii’s Flying Pig? I live in Osaka Japan and surf in Wakayama alot. All beach breaks size between ankle to head high. Usually waist high. The waves here have no power. My abilitly is expert but, I have never tried this shape. The shape kind of reminds me of the CI Flyer. Would anyone recommend this board for small gutless waves? And how responsive is this board? Thanks Da Cheetah

a good friend of mine rides for JC, and whenever he’s in south florida (his second home) he rides a flying pig. down here, we get weak, mushy, choppy surf…seldom over head high. the board seems very responsive…especially when Cheyne is riding it…although i’m sure that different fins could give you whatever feel you’re looking for. given that info, i’d imagine that a flying pig would suit your needs.