Japanese Rasp

thought ya’ll would enjoy perusing what Garrett Wade has to offer, they look like beautiful tools in the catalog. Could the Japanese Rasp be better than a SurForm? http://www.garrettwade.com/jump.jsp?lGen=detail&itemID=102056&itemType=PRODUCT&iMainCat=0&iSubCat=0&iProductID=102056

…You gave away one of my secret tools,yeah,they work great,but I have something even better and cheap in price too!Herb

Herb, Please do tell! I’m one of those poor flubs who can only use a surform, mini hand plane and sanding block to shape boards start to finish. The neighbors have complained about my use of noisy power tools and resins in the past. A secret tool that could make the job easier would be an absolute Godsend! Please email me. gracias

Herb, let me know what it is that is better than the japanese rasp? email me directly . Thanks, Doug

Me to at

ding repair whiz bang deluxe my only foib is they can clog with green resin although the wire brush cleans em out well…I like the file style ,the plane handles are intriguing but I am not pleased with the narrow “wheel base”…I wish they were wider…maybe it wouldnt roll over in an excited rush…I do get excited…my friend from seattle procured mine from a small hardware store whose name I dont know …I give the genius award to the guy who put together 7 hacksaw blades and came out a rasp…noble prize this rasp …no not nobel thats from the guy that invented tnt…this is for the noble craftsman that built the stuff before and after the explosion…japan rasp ICHIBAN…ambrose …concurring from the peanut gallery…hey maybe thats the/an award …since the gold skil 100 planer is on back order???

“my only foib is they can clog with green resin although the wire brush cleans em out well…” I soak my files in muratic acid every once in a while. Cleans w/a slight overall sharpening.

///////I got two at Orchard home supplies when they were around.If you look I’ll bet you can still find them. …it a metal holder for dragon skin built by RED DEVIL works great better than all of the above and below.Leaves less marks/smoother,cuts even ,agressive or passive.You just have to watch the edge to make sure you cut front or back.The sides can slice.unless that’s what you want.in that case it also slices great. …also good for cleaning lams,laps,hotcoats,traintracks,and other wood,foam and fiberglass apps.OH YEAH just like dale said clean it out too or just replace the skin,about 6" of it at a time.Herb

Is this it?

…Yup,beauty is in the hands of the beholder.Herb