Jim Phillips quad

I recently picked up a well used Jim Phillips quad and hoped that anyone that has experience with quads could tell me the advantages/disadvantages that quads have. BTW its 5’10 and really thick. If you need i can get some more dimensions and pictures if wanted.


one more

My new one, just sanded it today yet to ride it. The last one I had was when I was 16 (39 now), and it was magic. Rode it at Backdoor up to 5’ or so and everywhere else. Finally after all these years I got around to getting another one. Can’t wait to see if it’s as fun as I remember the old one being.

Everyone says they’re faster than thrusters and hold in really well, which is pretty much what I remember, but I guess they can be a little twitchy if they’re not set up right. Most shapers have experimented with them and then stopped for one reason or another. I just remember mine being a great board.