Joel Tudor model?

Hello, i recently purchased a Tudor and was wondering if anyone had any insight to what “model” it is. It is the same design as the one forsale at this link

Also, who is shaping his kookbox boards?

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I’ve seen a few batches of select boards that Wayne Rich has done for K’box. I’ve heard that Hank is doing them also.

Lot’s of hours in these boards, amazing craftsmanship!


joel uses many different shapers .

WR / KB 

I believe that a Joel Tudor board are all the boards he rides...


(even that one that seems that´s what they call a brick of one wall.......)

Nice, has anyone ridden a DT Mini?

Does anyone know who shaped the board that JT won the Pacifico Noseriding Invitational at the US Open on ?

Joel Tudor won the noseriding competition with Newport anti-hero Alex Knost coming in a close 2nd.

I think it’s a Wayne Rich shape.

would anyone one be interested in buying my good karma board shaped by stu kenson?