John Carper measurments Help!

Anyway I guess I’m stupid but, can someone explain for example if you order the thickness to be 2 1/4, J.C. makes it 2.25. What is 2 3/16 =

                2 1/8 = 



                                            Da Cheetah

They use decimals in China. Convert all measurments to Chinese.

Sorry! I tried to study decimals it’s taking to long. Can someone help me out? I want to know the exact measurements

for 2 1/8 and 2 3/16. Thanks!!!

if you cant do the math, use a calculator. if you dont have a calculator, you probably actually do - as a program on the computer you are typing on…

To convert a fraction to a decimal, just divide the numerator by the denominator. In other words, the top number by the bottom number.

In the case of 1/8, you divide 1 by 8. It is actually already laid out for you, as you would use the / sign to indicate division on a computer’s calculator.

But if you just don’t want to learn the process, here are the answers:

1/8= 0.125

1/4= 0.25

3/8= 0.325

1/16= 0.0625

3/16= 0.1875

1/32= 0.03125

3/32= 0.09375

2/32= 1/16

2/16= 1/8

2/8= 1/4

That take care of it for you?

Geeze, the last time I looked at my calipers, it said 2-3/16" - 2-1/8"

Hey JIm I can remember when you measured by c…nt hairs.

Thanks! Maybe I need to study more math.

                                Thanks again !!!

Thanks! Maybe I need to study more math.

Thanks again !!!

Nothing personal man… but if you can’t convert 1/4 to .25 you have a long road ahead of you. In life as well as shaping. Go study your math.

C*nt hair measurements are still being used frequently in these parts, although we have refined the method to include different varieties, such as black, brown, blond, etc. for finer/coarser measurements. -Carl

I was told by an old Seabee that the reason Japan lost the war was, they had heard our communications refering to up a c-hair, over a c-hair. They adapted the measurement, but didn’t take into account their oriental c-hair is coarser, hence the discrepancy.

But back to the decimal measurements, noodle had posted a plotting for a template, going to 10 thousands of inches. One last swipe of the sanding block and it’s all gone, guys measurements are ONLY a guide line, not Gospel, so lets not be too anal

Thanks Jim! As usual, your info is right on. I’ve roughed out one side of a board, using a saw and long flexible 60 grit sanding block. Maybe a couple of rough measurements were taken just to see where I was. When it looked right, the measurements were transferred to other side via zero center ruler jig that keeps it all square and all the dots connected. It’s kinda jungle grunge but works and you don’t get hysterical if something’s off a r.c.h. (or more.)

R.C.H.!!! That was not listed above! That is possibly the largest of the hair increments! RED!!! My wife didn’t believe me when I told her those were universal measurements that men use all the time when working together. LOL gotta love it! er uh them!


Question for the experts. How does coloring c.h. alter your measurement system and what do you do if your woman shaves? Mike

Well, the coloring part has no effect and as manly men that we are, we should all, except those saving them selves, have NUMEROUS experiences determining the various thicknesses, barring no racial or ethnic limitations to add to our catalog of useful information dealing with cricial measurements, so VITAL to building our surfboards!

Here, Here, all in favor, aye

Yea, I too remember measuring by those calculations. A red one was always thicker than a brown, and blond was super thin. Those measures still work in a pinch.

Wow what an informative subject.I vote that we turn it in to an article.Of course when we discuss measurements we can’t forget things such as “smidgen”…“Gnats Ass”…“Off by a country mile” and…“Just a Scuz”.Great items for the archives.

This might be over the top for the archives. However, if someone were to put together a table of exact measures corresponding to these gentlemanly technical terms, the craft of shaping might in fact be enhanced a tad if not by a skoshe. Queer eye for the shape guy might prefer a more macho term for planing off just the “wee-T-ninciest” off the nose. Happy measuring!

Enjoy the ride!

its hard to be quantitative. horses are 28 hands tall and i’ll have 3 more fingers of canadian club plus a hair. sure 1/2 is the same as 0.5, but is 1/3 the same as 0.3333333333? I think not, 1/3 has no decimal equivalent, at least as far as i can type. maybe we should use base 2, a nine foot board would be about 1001 feet long in base 2, that would help clear the confusion especially for the mechanical engineers, base 2 so they don’t need count on their fingers they just need to count their arms, many of 'em lost fingers in the milling machine anyway… of course we haven’t been able to cure cancer yet, probably because the data base is stuck in base 2, so i take it back. what shaper wants to measure anyway, that kind of work is for historians. lets make a board for the little girl across the street… her arm is short the so since she is gonna have to carry it herself it’ll be only 18 inches wide, but it has to be a long boad, that makes it a gun, and shoot there are only 2 qualified gun shapers i ever heard of… but i want to do it myself so i’m thinking a hair wider, if its waxy it’ll stick under her arm anyway, a couple of fingers thick and kinda long.

This thread is getting dumber by the minute (where are the Administraters?)BUt I started thinking about terms we use in board building and how the average joe would react to them.Take “Skinning a Blank” for example or “I’m gonna go carve me Swallowtail”…those statements alone are enough to send the Animal Rights People in to a picketing fit of rage.