Josh dowling 5'4"

Been a busy year, not as much surfing as I’d like but I have something on the way to help with tiny waves. 




looks fun , beery


  what width and thickness is it  , mate ?


 and ,


  what is your PADDLING like , nowadays ?  [ 5’4" , eh ?!]


  cheers mate !




I can see a quad hockey stick fins setup for that , similar to 'captain cavemen’s one  [aka : Alex Budlevskis, the hydrofoil board test pilot , for ‘surffoils’ brett ]

Hey Ben, it’s 21" x 2 1/2". It’s very wide in the arse though. Really wide haha. Yes, I have plenty of fins to play with courtesy of your good self. 


Paddling not great at the moment but I’m down a few kilos so I’ll be fine mate. I tried a sweet potato in some absolutely gutless fat waves where I’d think twice even with the mal, and it caught everything and turned quite well, so this is a similar type of board, wide wide wide in the arse, serious concaves, and quad fins set back. Got a concave deck too. 


You still in vicco? 



Looking good Beery!

Will fit quite well in the quiver with the fish :wink:

yep , I’m still living in Vicco , Mark !  [… here’s a couple of our small waves … from the  ’ HAPPY DAYS  [photo thread] ’ , here at 'Swaylock’s ]…

photo z4_zpsd8a0f21b.jpg

photo z4a_zps9dd3f35e.jpg

 " very wide in the arse…"


I’ll …er …“ASS” * ume that you are referring to the BOARD’S one ???


cheers beery



 [ * that’s the  silly seppo spelling , for ya ! …they must be the only people in the world that confuses donkeys with bum cheeks ,  eh ? :slight_smile: ]


looks amazing. I have built several “sweet potato” style boards (mega wide butt with fins out on the rails). All went really well in mush east coast waves and became a couple of my friends personal favorites. Can you show us the outline?? I love that spine. Seems like you toned it down compared to the orignal sweet potato and increased the concave. Nicely done. If you are riding a 5’4" what is your weight if you dont mind my asking? great work!


nice paipo

Hey mick, yeah the fish will have a lil brother!.,nice pics as usual Ben, keep it up mate. 

Cwrun it’s being shaped by josh dowling, not me mate. I’m a garage hack haha.

ok Paul, thanks, I think. I will be standing up on this little gem, not laying down. Although occasionally on the fish I gut slide. I once didn’t quite make it to my feet and rode it on my knees. Was quite fun but think I could do it again?! No way. 

i ride on my knees alot .those designs are great for it. basically a scaled up paipo


i didn’t know you were a crip / gimp , paul ?!


…how long has THIS been going on , mate ?


[it certainly explains a few things , now …haaaaa ! ]


  just since you crossed the ditch ?


  or did the queensland humidity previously bring you …er…'to your knees ’ ??



hi ben back in the day  could standup surf a mach 7 morey boogie. thats why i started standup surfing . but i dont really care if im standing or kneeling or whatever man. i only get exicted about standup shortboard when it head and half and barreling offshore. ive ridden those paipo shapes standup! they work good in small clean surf . im making one at the moment in book matched elm


good stuff , Paul !


I’d be keen to see your ‘book matched elm’ [?!]  paipo , when it’s done !

what size will you make this one , and will you stand up on it , too ?


  cheers !



Fins arrived from Bali. Indofins. Pretty good by the looks, consistent foil, no rough edges or lumps. You’d be happy with them Ben !



Done!, pics when I can figure out how!

Getting it wet very soon wave permitting

Looks like fun Mark!

Was down the farm yesterday, bit fat but got a few peelers on the log. Might see you out there soon. :slight_smile:

good stuff




? indo fins?


  whatever happened to ‘BUY LOCAL’ , mate ?!

Woohoo…Go Beery.


Chips, there’s an Australian-made board staring right at you there son! Don’t forget, you need a board to have fins!



aussie boards go better with aussie fins

Haha mick, I don’t surf there hardly ever. Too crowded :). Surfed tiny, gutless high tide shore break this morning. Would not have even bothered on the mal but hey, I got it for junk, so out I went!! Paddles insane, catches waves very easily, and though I didn’t get much quality wave time, it seems fast n loose. Can’t wait to get some more on it, and I can’t wait to get it into decent shaped small waves.