Just another Fish.....

I’m happy with it, and that’s all that matters right? I got sh!t for the butt crack…whatever. It came out a little thinner than I’d planned…Ok. But I am definitely hooked on getting a good gloss coat now (Thanks Resinhead).

Nice job! I think you will be happy with a thinner fish.They can be too corky like the one I made,if left too thick.

Your gloss coat is worldclass.

Looks darn good to me!

Wide enough to catch waves good, at any thinnest.

Watch for stress cracks at trailing edge of fins. A few of my single fin swallows got them too, and were glassed with single 6 bottoms and triple 6 decks.

I’m not sure about the compatibility of flex with resin and glass.

You could easily sell that for standup or knee riders, and it would work just right…

Thanks for the compliments and words of advice (LeeDD)…I wouldn’t even THINK of selling any of my boards until I got MUCH better at the whole process…

Howzit tenover, Don’t under estimate your ability, have a friend critique it for you and ask if he thinks it’s a quality board. We some times are to hard on ourselve since we are trying for perfection. I was asked to critique a board just back from the glassing shop and I found way to many mistakes. The glasser left tape under the pigment lap in more than 1 place and many air bubbles that he could have fixed easily but didn’t. In all I gave it a c and that was being generous, the pigment on the bottom didn’t match the deck pigment either. After the shaper told the shop owner(a famous surfer) that the board was not up to par, the owner told him not to bring any more of his shapes to his shop. Just goes to show how bad some factories quality can be and still stay in business. Some body would probably love to own 1 of your boards and from what I can see from the pics it looks just fine.Aloha,Kokua


That’s a sweet looking board. Your gloss coats ‘are’ coming out really nice. I remember the LB you glossed. Keep it up!


well that’s downright purty. I hope it surfs just as nice & shiny as it looks!!




By the look of your Fish, you won’t have to “sell” your boards, they will sell themselves. Good work.

“drew” spelled backward is “werd”…and that’s just awesome. it’s so “vanilla ice”…werd to ya motha!


Killer looking fish.

And don’t worry. As you walk down the beach with it, you might get a few funny looks (simply because it’s a fish, not due to anything specifically with your board), but when they see you ROCKET down the line on it, they’ll ask you who made it.

It will be hard to keep from shouting, “I made it. I made it. It rips. I made it!!!”

That’s a nice board.

Hey Tenover,

looks really good!! What are the specs? and where’d you put the leash loop/cup?


Thanks guys…

Rio- I’ll have to check on the specs tomorrow (I wrote them down somewhere…). It’s a 5’5" and the tips are 14" tip to tip, but I forget the rest.

Nice one Tenover!, let us know how she rides.

How it is the bottom contour?

By the way, i remember reading in a thread that you’re 64 y.o., man! believe me you seem some years younger.

Good waves!

Nice looking board you’ve got there tenover! Like kokua said dont underestimate your work,

looks just like a fish bought at a surfshop!

Let us know how it rides.

Jimmy Yoshio shibata.

Hey Tenover,

What’s the process you use when doing a gloss coat? Any secrets?

Nope, no secrets. You’ll get as many answers as there are members on this board, so it was just a matter of trial and error for me, and taking bits and peices of everyone’s advice. Do it in a good temperature, do it quick, mix it right, brush it on, walk away, wet sand with 320, wet sand with 600, then Schurlustre, and that’s it (for me anyways). Mine are not nearly as good as Austin’s or cleanlines or alot of other guys on this board, but they’re coming out alot better than I ever even THOUGHT I could do them, so I’m stoked.

workin’ that harbor freight sander/polisher i see…

I gotta get me one of those.


oh and one more question tenover,

where do you get your shureluster? checked the archives and no luck. Thanks


I ordered a gallon from Foamez.com. Everything I’ve ordered from them has arrived in two days or less.


Started recieving pictures again, today. Anyway, sweet little fish. I think you may have a thing called…talent! Yeeeeah! Mike