just another totally stoked grom(ette)

I’ve posted a few things on “what are you working on” but I thought I’d start my own thread.

Just took my 1st board out today to HB northside pier and it floats like crazy. Waves were glassy and about 2-3 feet.

Perfect for the first ride.

Here’s some pictures.

I’m stoked.

Love your girl shapers

More to come. Sorry i’m horrible at computers.


Nice board, Poly or Epoxy?

Brave doing pinlines on a first! It took me 5

Is it a tint or a spray?

You won’t stop at one, a few surfs in and you will be desining all the improvements for your next model in your head.

Its a cruel addiction and I can see your hooked!

the rope thingy goes around your leg :wink:


how did it surf?

It’s a floater for sure. No crazy duckdiving for me–but I’m sure I can learn to handle it better. Maybe you are right in the case that I am moving towards longboard status. Hmmmm… MAYYBE. But I still like riding my shortboard on the bigger days.

This board works totally well in the small waves. So basically every day this summer. HAH. It paddles so easy, but again it is a little wide for me, so I have to be up closer to the nose. The length is rad.

And responding to an earlier comment, I already know what I want to change on my next board.
Its all about the art of perfection, right? Or something close to it…

I took my mom to the beach (she’s out visiting from the midwest) Wed’s morning, and I’m like " don’t get scared when i fall or get caught in a wave, just worry when you don’t see me for at least 5 min." haha.

But yeah, the board is raddddd and I didn’t want to get out of the water- EVER.


More photos of the board building process.

it looks like it has such a fatty tail, but really, its not that wide!

Looks great! Love the color! From one woman to another, welcome to the addiction.

The art of perfection is right, you’ll keep wanting to change something and soon enough you’ve got over 20 boards under your belt and a garage that will never be truly dust-free!


Your first board, is exceptional! If my first board were to appear, I would deny any knowledge of it, and certainly not claim it. You can be proud of yours. Well done. Now, start planning number two!

Thank you. Your words mean alot–especially from someone with as much experiece as you, I assume.

I did have some awesome help from a great mentor- Ken. And give many props to him!!

My mind is already being filld with ideas for the next board.

Just have to get a place to do it now !!

Thank you again.

peace, whitney.

love your girl shaper


I deffinetly have to move this month, oh boy!

I will let you know where and you can come help set up shop… Yes?

yeah dude, just give me a call, and I’ll come help! good luck finding a new place!! don’t go to IE—they steal your tags there, and too many bro’s and hoes. well unless you like the hoes. hahahahaha

guess what, hah, i got a house in stanton. well, renting. so i am closer to the beach now. only a 10 min drive.


now looking for a job. :slight_smile: yay

and i can make more boards that way! i can live off nothing.

let me know

love your girl shapers

Great job.

Awesome attitude.

With stoke like that you can’t go wrong…ever!

Did you glass the board yourself? My first board I had glassed by Dan Taylor because I didn’t want to deal with the mess/ completely ruin my first board.

Great job on your first of many boards!

Aloha, Alex

yes, with alot of help and instruction, I did glass it.

Glassing is a art that needs to be mastered by me.

it really makes a board beautiful. :slight_smile:

love your girl shapers